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Thread: Will There Be Modding Conference For TW3K?

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    Default Will There Be Modding Conference For TW3K?

    I remembered starting with last few games since Shogun 2 iirc, there are modding conference done for each game, though cant remember if it's being done pre or post release.

    Is there going to be the same thing with 3K?

    Personally I dont care much about modding these days since I dont really have the time but would still love if it's still being an agenda from CA.
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    Default Re: Will There Be Modding Conference For TW3K?

    There is no comment about any modding summit for Three Kingdoms, although that doesn't mean much, as not even the recommended and minimum system requirements have been released yet. That of Rome II occurred after the release, but, regarding Attila, it was organised (in absolute secrecy) a couple of weeks before the game became available to the customers. On the contrary, there was no summit for Warhammer, while CA has also dissolved (without either any prior warning or an afterwards explanation to those affected) a group of "elite modders" it had created in 2015. As far as I know, there were some plans for cooperation between modders and the company, mainly orchestrated by Darren, but they were gradually abandoned, culminating in the aforementioned abrupt elimination of the chat forum, following Darren's resignation. So, I suppose the chances of any modding summit taking place are slim, to say the least. To be sincere, I'm not going to complain, as modding summits always had a minor impact on the games' designing and moddability, but they instead mainly served as public relations events, in order to reinforce the links of Creative Assembly with the community, by presenting a somewhat misleadingly positive image of the company. No big loss, in my opinion, although I know a couple of modders who were quite disappointed, when their hopes for a future collaboration with their favourite developer were suddenly frustrated.

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    Default Re: Will There Be Modding Conference For TW3K?

    I always thought the Modding Convention was a PR move design to ingratiate the company with the community. CA has opted to use YouTube as the primary means of communicating with community at large. It’s effective and it shields them from too much direct criticism. There is also little point reaching out to the Modding community, TWC is no currently the center of Modding and Steam doesn’t have a “community” of its own.
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    Default Re: Will There Be Modding Conference For TW3K?

    I don't know for 3K, but for Warhammer, the active modding community seems tbe on Discord

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