I love pikemen and I love levying units that are not available to my faction. My favorite faction is ERE. The problem is that their Menaulathoi pikemen unit suck ass, even though it is a level 3 unit. So I thought I had a solution and subjugated the two factions that have better pikemen units: Ostrogohts and Tanukhids. But after 150+ turns into the campaign none of those were available. Even though the required buildings were built and technologies researched by them.

After having played 2000+ hours of Attila TW it became apparent that the game allows you to recruit only certain types of units form your puppet states but not all of them.

So I was wondering what's causing the problem? Are there any modders here that know how to solve this problem? Or is there already a mod that solves this? I have tried dozens of mods and have searched the entire db file of data pack to try and find the cause. But since I have 0 experince in modding I only got confused.