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Thread: MAARC LXXXI - Submissions/Nominations Thread

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    Default MAARC LXXXI - Submissions/Nominations Thread

    Creative Workshop Competitions - Check out our sister competitions here on TWC! << Picture of the Week | Tale of the Week | Writers' Study General Competitions | Graphics Workshop Monthly Competition >>

    Image by cedric37.

    This is the submission/nomination thread for MAARC LXXXI!


    Two updates are needed since February 1, 2019.

    Only one entry per person.
    Please note that entries with more than one author are considered to be entries for all the co-authors.
    If one of the co-authors of a submission wants to submit an AAR they have written individually, they may do so,
    but WS staff will withdraw the co-authored AAR from the competition if this happens.

    The first place winner in the previous competition cannot enter this one.

    Only work that is posted on TWC is eligible to enter.

    Writers' Study Staff have discretion to disqualify nominations where it would be unfair to allow them to enter, for example in cases of plagiarism.

    If you have a question or want to check whether an entry is eligible, please send a private message to a member of the Writers' Study Staff.


    Advertising the competition is allowed. Inviting people to submit their writing is okay.

    Asking for votes for a particular submission is not allowed and will result in disqualification.

    Breaking the rules will result in measures at the discretion of the Writers' Study Staff.


    Authors are encouraged to submit their own work.

    To enter, post on this thread with all of the following information:
    • the author's name
    • the title (with a link to the thread)
    • a short description/teaser
    • the game(s) used
    • details (if applicable) of mod(s) used
    • details (if applicable) of faction

    If you want to nominate someone else's AAR, you must ask for (and obtain) their permission before posting the nomination.


    Six entries are needed to run a regular competition.

    If, after a month, we have fewer than six entries, then we wait until there are three or more submissions.


    • 4 points for the Winner
    • 3 points for Second Place
    • 2 points for Third Place

    If the competition has fewer than six entries, then first place will receive three points and second place will receive two.

    Where a co-authored AAR wins Writers' Study Competition points, those points will be divided between all the co-authors equally. If that division results in each author receiving a fraction of a point, then each author will receive no points for a fraction less than one-half, or 1 point for a fraction of one-half or more.
    For instance, if 3 points are divided between 2 authors, dividing the points equally gives each author one and a half points. The half is rounded up, so each author actually receives 2 points.

    Points are accumulated towards the awarding of the Writers' Study Competition Medals.

    • 6 points - bronze medal
    • 12 points - silver medal
    • 24 points - gold medal

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    Default Re: MAARC LXXXI - Submissions/Nominations Thread

    Alright, the month is nearly over and no submissions yet. I guess someone has to be the first to overcome their modesty...

    Author: Skotos of Sinope
    Title: The Last Chariots of the Tarquins

    Drescription: An ancient warning contained in the Sibylline Books. Two brothers, each of rival houses, forged together by a secret oath. A cursed chariot belonging to the last king of Rome...

    Three centuries ago, the mighty chariot warriors of Etruria drove the Gauls back beyond the Alps. Now, led by their king Brennus, they have returned. Remembering their defeat, the Gauls have spent hundreds of years becoming the greatest masters of chariot warfare the world has ever seen, while the Etruscans have let its knowledge slip into myth. With no one to stop them, the Gallic Whirlwind will sweep through Italy. Only one city stands against them: Tarchuna, the Etruscan birthplace of the Roman Kings. The Last Chariots of the Tarquins is an epic and tragic tale, spanning decades and chronicling the last hour of Etruscan glory, the first sack and re-founding of Rome, and the rise of the Republic that will inherit the world. It's a story of love, revenge, divided loyalties, betrayal, and hubris as Avle Spurinna--the half-Roman leader of Tarchuna and direct descendent of Tarquin the Proud--seemingly haunted his entire life by the avenging shade of his tyrannical ancestor, will defy fate in his attempt to save his people from their foretold doom. The Last Chariots of the Tarquins reminds us that the mounts of ambition slip their reins easily and that the wheels of fortune must always be oiled by blood...

    Game: Total War: Rome II, Rise of the Republic DLC
    Mods: GEM; Extended Particles, Skotos' Etruscan Chariot Generals Mod, Orbis Terrarum II
    Faction: Tarchuna
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    Default Re: MAARC LXXXI - Submissions/Nominations Thread

    Have no fear Skotos, you're no longer alone in this thread!

    *this is getting out of hand now there are two of them*

    Author: Turkafinwë
    Title: To earn a Kingdom
    Latest Chapter: Chapter VIII: Dagorlad;the Battle Plain
    Game: Medieval II total war
    Mods: Third age total war and Divide and Conquer V2.1
    Faction: Northern Dúnedain
    Description/teaser: To earn a Kingdom is the tale about the famous hero Aragorn and his quest to become both king of Arnor and Gondor. The war in the North is over and our heroes set out on a even more perilous quest to save Middle-Earth. The forces of Arnor have surprised the Dark Lord with their arrival in Ithilien and now march on the Black Gate to challenge Sauron's impressive might. Sauron has not risen to Arnor's challenge and thus Aragorn prepares to make an even more daring move. To assault the Black Gate itself and force his way into the Black Land.

    Chapter XXI: Journey Across the Mountains

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    Default Re: MAARC LXXXI - Submissions/Nominations Thread

    I find myself in a kind of limbo, as I'm not officially the winner of MAAC LXXX till it's announced, but as I was in the first place tie-breaker but not the second place tie-breaker I already know if I do enter this I'll become inelligable as soon as it is announced.... Now I know how Shroedingers Cat feels/felt!

    Good luck everyone!

    All the Best,

    Welsh Dragon.

    EDIT: Well that's resolved. See you all in MAARC LXXXII! And good luck with MAARC LXXXI!
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    Default Re: MAARC LXXXI - Submissions/Nominations Thread

    More time since this started and more posts! I am not certain it is yet worthy, but I will toss this into the mix as an entry.

    the author's name: NorseThing

    the title (with a link to the thread): [LTC] The Papers of King Alfonso

    a short description/teaser: the papers from an Islamic scholar found by the Napoleonic French army in Valencia
    and relating to King Alfonso's reconquest of the Iberian peninsula

    the game(s) used Medieval II

    details (if applicable) of mod(s) used: Lands to Conquer by Lusted

    details (if applicable) of faction: Spain

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