What the title says.

For those who don't know what RPFM is, it's a reimplementation of PFM. It can do more or less the same as PFM, but with less problems, more stable, more complete, and quite a few more features. Also it has complete schemas for the supported games (no "unknown" columns or undecoded tables). Just keep in mind that Nappy support starts in the last patch released, so tables from before that patch may or may not be decoded.

This thread it's not to offer support, it's just to inform Nappy modders about it, now that Nappy is finally supported. Pretty sure no Nappy modders will notice it otherwise.

Here is the thread where I publish the releases, and offer support: http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showt...ce!&p=15594041

And, of course, feel free to give feedback or suggestions. But in that thread, not in this one.