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    ​So I re-looked at my thread and the Journeyman's world is a mess tbh with you, the posting schedule is all messed up. The newest update is 24/01/2019

    Next week I will post but not sure when.

    So, here's a repost of the entire ongoing novel.

    Images used are from different sites such as Dieventart, and total war/assassin creed origins.

    The Harbour's Shop So you come do you? What is that you seek to gain? I'm closed go away!

    You refuse to leave? To bother me in my glorious work! How dare you sir! Leave! Or I will call the Imperial Guard. Ha! Guard-

    Shush!!! No one mentions the name of that man around here. You speak of riddles. I know nothing of the sort.

    You'll give me 11,000 gold coins? I suppose I could do it...but you seek him don't you? The holy sage from a land so exotic that even I wouldn't be able to describe. They call them Rishis, sages. Holy sages that have ascended their mortal lives. Can't say I envy them.

    Here is the book. But beware, every time you open a page, there is a new chapter rewritten or written. It will never end until you, the reader decides it to be. Most ministers want this book so they can rewrite history. It must never be allowed to happen! It is an empty book, but where your mind thinks, it will come.

    Now go! Hurry before they catch you! And take this book far far away from the rest of the world!


    Fantasy Egypt Music

    Chapter 1

    Jumping from the ship's deck onto dry stone made me feel as if I needed to take a dip into the ocean.

    My journey from my homeland had led me on a
    three year enduring journey through the seas. The Grand Vizier of Amun-Ra, Setekana invited me to a book of magic in his father's lost pyramid. It was said to contain a magic light that glowed within inside it. Written by the great God, Thoth himself. In my previous adventures before this, I was in high demand around the world to solve supernatural problems. I'd calmed down a hurling vortex, in the middle of a cataclysmic sea storm with hundreds of other ships fighting each other. I was a Rishi, a holy saint from the Land of Bharat.

    The city of Amun-Ra was an odd place. Bustling markets and huge temples. Same as I had been everywhere else in this world. Statues of the Gods of Amun-Ra stood in every place I went. Huge obelisks, etched in black and gold shone in the bright sun. Artisans and sculptors worked on the latest statures brought from the river Nile while merchants haggled at each other trading coin for coin. Pilgrims of Sobeka and Thotha entered their temples and offered food and drink. Huge statues of Bulls surrounded the market squares. I had never such wonders in this mystical land.

    A man wearing royal white robes and wearing mascara moved with the grace of the Gods. A great golden bull was being escorted through the city by slaves being whipped mercesisily. Jubilant cries sounded from a great festival that made its way through the harbour where I walked through Nevertheless his expression wasn't warm, neither cordial. I didn't know how to react to him. A procession of priests surrounded by flanking musicians played tiny stories with their lithe fingers on their instruments. Slaves distributed rose petals in baskets and threw them in the air. The man who I assumed was the Grand Vizier Setekana frowned at me. His servants and slaves all accompanied him like extra baggage mind you. Not as if they were his loyal servants. I bowed.

    Setekana nodded. 'So this is the Rishi I've heard about. Your reputation precedes you,
    sage of Bharat. I presume your journey wasn't too long.'

    I replied back. 'The ocean is a vast distance to cross Grand Vizier, even by land it would take me months to get here.'

    Setekana replied. 'Well....three years doesn't take that long. Where were you then?'

    'Do I need to spell it out for you?'

    Setekana frowned. 'Such rude manners. How...boring.'

    Damn nobles. They're all the bloody same when they're just savages.

    Collecting himself Setekana had noticed the growing crowd's attention lingering towards him and me. I don't think he wanted to create a public show as much as I didn't need to be here. I should have been brought to his palace by now resting comfortably in my quarters.Instead
    he made his way through the palace to the port harbor where I presumed he never visited. Inside, though a suspecting instinct lurched in the deep brain of mine. Setekana's hands showed that he had never done an honest laborer's work in his life. Traveling through the ocean for three years while having to deal with cataclysmic monsters, hurling vortexes and fending off bandits had made me sick but excited at the same time. Someone must have sent a message to him that I was coming or else he wouldn't have made his way to come down all the way to the port.

    Setekana cleared his throat. 'Very well then. Come with me. We have matters of affairs to discuss.'
    The palace quarters of Setekana resembled that of a rather royal palace. As if the message sent was that he didn't respect the current Pharaohs' rule. EverywhereIhadwent through the corridors of his grand palace, there were only statues and obelisks depicting his glory, gaining fa
    vour with the Gods. The man seemed to think more of himself than anything else. Arrogant bastard. I stood in the corners of Setekana's private study at night time where a candle was lit on the table. Setekana was dispatching a series of proclamation and decrees. Guards flanked us by all sides. There was no way to escape of course.

    Setekana smiled for the first time. 'I presume our arrangements were suitable?'


    'Good. Then we should get to business.' He said, arising from his seat. Walking towards a
    chamber pot placed in the right-hand corner of the room, he kicked it. The room rumbled, before a vast door opened slowly. A flight of stairs unveiled itself. I followed Setekana and his guards as we walked down a dark path. Suffice to say, Setekana had some weird fetishes. Somehow, blue dust emerged as it materialized itself into a blue torch of fire in the grey, cold stone corridors illustrating his family's history. It glowed and flowed at the same time, refusing to mesh into his hands.

    I suppose that grand viziers and wizards don't often mix well together. Or magic for that matter.

    Looking back at the guards, they didn't show any signs of expression. Not even a single emotion. Humans. They hide behind petty feelings to disguise their failures in life.Payed
    for a meagre sum of money. Money runs the world and it will stay for a very long time until something else replaces it. I could not linger with these thoughts any longer as I saw the hieroglyphs and golden drawn pictures etched into the ancient walls depicting of an old pharaoh, perhaps the very first Pharaoh of this land denoting his golden crown.

    Setekana spoke. 'You must be wondering who this is. This is Nahakasha, the first Pharaoh of Khetra and I am the three hundred and fifth
    descendent of his lineage.'


    ' are you still alive? He's been dead for a very long time...'

    Setekana nodded. 'And that's why I need that book....'

    Oh dear God.

    Not this again.

    'I want you to resurrect him.'

    I had some morals when it came to dealing with
    problems of humanity. No lying, cheating or killing. At least that was what I tried to stick by, but it ended up the other way around. Still, helping a revived lunatic ruling an entire kingdom to resurrect his grandfather is stupid. Stupid beyond belief. What, the Grandfather wouldn't care about his descendent. If it's one thing in this world I know, there will never be a shortage of world crazed lunatics ruling the country. Read any book, any story, anything that depicts the rulers of the world.

    All they care is about some glory that is only material but never immortal. Humans die en-mass led by their heroic leader's speech when all it is that conflict will never end for now. I despaired for a long time when I realized that humanity was not what it was idealized to beandIlearnt the harsh truth of that.

    'No. I will not do it.'

    Setekana nodded. 'Don't worry. I have all the time in the world but perhaps you will understand that I am not a crazy-filled lunatic. I govern over an Empire that stretches across the world-'

    'So every Empire claims. You're just a grand Vizier mate. Your lineage has long been
    forgetton throughout the centuries.'

    'That may be true...but it amounts to nothing that the people will ever do.'

    I chuckled. Idiot. Utter idiot. 'Do you realize the implications of what you're doing here? The fate of the world could be at stake! Mind you, I know one thing about your grandfather. He was a war-mongering killer.'

    Setekana smirked. 'Is that what you think he was? The entire continent of Vishaputra today would never have been able to stand where it is without the public projects that he invested in! That he built with his own hands! He was a man respected beyond all measure-'
    I was going to keep interrupting this bastard until he wouldn't shut up and himself in the streets when I made him a beggar. How that would happen, I was still working on the plans. 'And what glorious army did he build to exterminate and conquer innocent civilians? Were they part of his plan too?'

    'My grandfather, granted may
    have become too over-come with power. But he achieved what no mortal did.'

    'And to become a God? I swear it is always the same with you humans! Now that you've lost the spiritual guidance thankstotheGods' anger that
    iswhyRaan separated himself from humanity!'

    He sighed. 'I am part of a sacred order that started out with my grandfather in the first place. Humanity is arrogant. Selfish. Stubborn. Whatever you decide to call it. Humans can't think for themselves
    .Theyneedus elites. We, the smart people that eventually managed to outsmart the dumb ones.'

    I agreed with him on some parts. 'We are both in agreement of the fact that humans are stupid, enslaved mortal beings. Buttheyneed
    the God's guidance! Without they'd believe they have free will to do what they want! With no faith, they'd be creatures trying to live their own lives by some mere morals.'

    Setekana chuckled. 'It seems you and I aren't so different after all. But you're wrong. Humanity was created by the Gods to become slaves! Do you think the Gods truly cared? Half the Gods of different cultures do things far

    'Maybe because we have lost that spiritual awareness. We don't know what the Gods did. And if we did, I dare to think what would happen to the human race.'

    The torch flowed towards my face. Setekana emerged. 'Exactly. Which is why we create our own religion. Our real religion. Religion is not just some Gods creating us. Humans create humans. But we can create super-powers. We can become immortal. In the end, we will forget the Gods since they no longer sub-consciously stay in our minds.'

    This was going down a path I didn't like at all.

    'But you will need something!'

    'I become the new God. We become Gods but humans will never realize it.'

    'You do understand one thing. The Gods will destroy you.'

    'How can they? What are they to me?'

    'Someone who deserves his
    body to be flayed in the volcanos of this world.'

    Setekana eyed at me. 'You really think I'm that bad? Why don't the Gods often visit earth then? Why do they not solve every single's man problem?'

    'In my culture, this is Kali-Yuga. The awareness of the fact that this world will be destroyed when all the empires have killed each other, humanity is reduced to its lowest event of spiritual awareness. Nothing will change as it will be created.'

    'An interesting thought. Seems like your sages know the concept of time itself. Even masters. They're truly enlightened beings. But your culture extends to the world. But it does not own it. I am only interested in ruling my world alone.'

    'And that'swhyRaan separated you? To be saddened at the demise of his own people spiritually?'

    Setekana glared at me. 'It was not our fault that Raan created us and then decided to enslave us in the worst conditions we are living in! My grandfather had a plan to link humanity and the Gods together, you know? Sometimes Rishi, we're not that bad as you think.'

    'And bad in what sense? He would make himself a God and usurp Raan. To think that is

    'So what's wrong with that?'

    I swear that when he entered the afterlife he'd be sent to someplace worse.

    'You mean to kill them?'

    'No. Destroy them and have them become lesser versions of their powerful selves. We still need them. Do not for one second think I am the same warlord or crazed lunatic that you think in your mind.'

    How...did he know what I thought?

    Setekana sighed. 'You have so much to think about...and so much to learn. Many years ago, my grandfather stole the drop of immortality from the sacred oasis when the world was created. The Gods in anger tried to punish him, but they could do nothing seeing his power. He is a benevolent man when you see past his...errors.'

    They did not understand.

    'A man can become graceful and benevolent, but if he kills then what is the point? Nahakasha may be given the chance of redemption, but no one remembers him now. No one will
    . You think that in 50 years' time that anyone will give a damn? You resurrect him now and the world will soon figure out why he is no benevolent figure. Why fight over an old man-'

    Setekana screamed with fury. 'I have had it with your insults rishi! You stand in front of the most powerful men in Khetra that could have you entombed here forever! People tremble before-'

    'And if you are aware of the fact that currently right now we're in the stone cold chambers of an old
    forgetton bastard that wreaked havoc on the world! So excuse me if I refuse to help!'

    'You will help me Vajendra, isn't that your name?'


    'But you will tremble before me...'

    'Tremble where? You know just as well as I do that we both need each other. You need that book to resurrect your crazed grandfather and I need to give you the magic to do it. But we both know that won't end anywhere welcome for us.'

    'You will bring him. End of.'

    'And what if I don't?'

    'Then I might enter into your head.'

    'Impossible. I'm already protected.'

    'True. But torture doesn't break a man's soul for a long time does it?'

    'My Guruji is always with me.'

    Setekana stopped. 'Yes...indeed. The saints of Bharat are said to be protected by their ancestral sages. I can't break into that....but I can force you to stay here forever. Not entombed in your mind. But here. Forever. These walls are built to make sure no magic passes out of these walls...'

    Stupid. Ihadbeen
    mediating for over two thousand years, so I was pretty sure I had enough skills to make it out of here.

    'Hurting me would be a tremendous waste.'

    He turned to me. 'But hurting you is also my only choice. You are already as valuable to me as well as a liability to me. Very well. Since you are clearly more powerful...though you have not shown it yet. I shall make a deal. Help me reach the Temple of Thotha. If you resurrect my grandfather, you may yet have the chance to defeat me. It has been some time that I needed a challenge.'

    That I could agree on.

    Setekana smiled. This was not good. 'But first...let me tell you about my grandfather.'

    We made our way before I stopped. The figure of Nahakasha holding his staff high in the air, a bright light shining towards the sky. The Gods above looked in disapproval.

    'It can't be....' I said.

    This was the man that had conquered the world, destroyed entire spiritual realms and vanquished everyone else. The man that had tried to bring the doom of the world. It was not because of his lust for conquest, for I saw a stone painting of him being a disciple once, worshipping the Godswith fevour. That was what caused it.

    A fallen disciple of the Khetran Gods.

    All this time I had assumed he was Nahakasha, a crazy lunatic first ruler of Khetra that went to conquer the world.

    But it wasn't that.

    He had lost his family, as the walls in my mind revealed the true picture,
    anacoloroful illustration depicting the real events of what had happened.

    For the pursuit of vengeance, he had sacrificed the greatest love of his life.


    And she was still alive lingering in an island.

    I had to get him out of his mind. He could have been vanquished, but something told me there was a reason why I was here
    Perhaps I had to bring him redemption.

    Redemption then.


    Setekana glanced at me. 'What?'

    'I'll help you resurrect your grandfather.'

    'That was quick.'

    'It won't be when you tell me everything.'
    After what had been ten minutes of walking through the corridors of this cold, yet frightening chamber, I had seen scorpions, snakes and giant ghost bears parading themselves. Perhaps the old bastard had kept it as a torture chamber for his precious pets. The bears didn't like me, but the snakes seemed to somehow stay away from me. Perhaps it was because I got the blessings from Nag Deva, the great snake-god of my land. The insolent guards had said nothing but kept kicking the butt of their spears into my butt.

    How I hate going on adventures that involve having to resurrect someone's old dead grandfather.


    And so we finally arrived to see a grand siege depicted on the already worn out walls. Setekana ordered the torch to flow towards the main wall. 'Let me tell you a story...'
    Siege of Mudfu.

    The 2000th year of this world.

    Ten thousand spearmen walked in the heat of the sands. Dust and sand arising from the stomping of their boots approaching the mud-baked desolated walls of that housed the last resistance to the great ruler of the world. Nahakasha. The final assault would be delivered today. Nahakasha had spent his years conquering the world but he hadn't grown an age older. Smirking at the thought, he watched from the folds of his grand tent. He looked towards his generals and his grand priest waiting for his orders.

    And orders he would give.

    Once this petulance issue was done and sorted with, he would be conquering the world of the Gods.

    And finish them for good.

    He moved back into the tent and sat down while he ordered his servant to bring him wine. The Grand Priest moved forward. 'Sire, the assault will go divine today. It will be a victory.'

    Nahakasha nodded while sipping his wine. 'Indeed. What else?'

    'The Generals await your orders.'

    Nahakasha had lost track of the names of generals and so instead numbered them. 'Number 1, go and fire the catapults. Number 2, spare no civilian alive. Number 3, hang them or have them tortured, I want a living example made out of them. Number 4...just lead the attack already. I have better things to do than worry about this god-forsaken .'

    The Generals bowed, hurrying out of the tent. In a matter of minutes, the cries of innocent civilians being slaughtered filled Nahakasha's ears. Arising from his chair, he watched as fires burned and produced black columns of smoke from the city. Catapults armed with fireballs burst upon the inhabitants and walls of the city. Like a massive wave, the spearmen charged into the city like the riders of doom, killing and looting to their mercy. Wild
    Jackals warriors grabbed screaming women and flung them off, while stomping on the heads of civilian men as if they were mere play toys.

    All this was good news to the greatest conqueror in the world anyway.

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    Default Re: The Harbour's Tales

    An intriguing tale, it sounds like the sage from a distant land was lured into a trap. The screenshots are well-chosen and add an extra dimension to this story.

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    Hello again Alwyn,

    A new update, featuring on the same character but a different rewrite of the chapter. I will post 2 updates, and the next update will be 5/07/19

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Horus name: Wesretkau, "Mighty of Kas

    Bhagvan: Name for Hindu version of God, related to Lord Krishna.

    Mahadeva: Shiva
    Heru-as-aset - Horus - bascially he has a lot of names, but his most common distinguishable name is Lord of the Two Lands.
    Khafnuria - Ancient Egypt
    Vishaputra - Sub-continent of Ancient India
    Pandia - Vajendra's Kingdom located in Ancient India

    Rishi - Hindu name for Priests/sages.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Chapter 1 rewrite:

    The surface of the ground was rocky and apparently very hard to walk upon when you set your foot on it. I looked up, and drew a line across the map I had survyed for myself. Khafnuria's wide deserts betrayed its marvellous creation. Vegetation barely existed from what I glanced. All rock and sand. The sky was a hard blue, offering no rain whatsoever. Yet the people of this small village that lay next to me had been living here for thousands of years. The small town of Ka-naf was bustling with soliders drinking to their hearts content. The poor people grumbled a lot about the climate, but they could rest assured that there was an oasis nearby. It was the gift of their Gods for worshipping them for a thousand years to come. It had been three years since I had set sail from Pandia, my homeland. And yet here I was, advising the most powerful general in the entire empire of Khafnuria. Ramesses.

    I heard the scuffling of feet. Looking up, I saw Ramesses sitting down beside me. His make-up was becoming too heavy on him. He smiled. 'Vajendra. I see you're marking a map. You know we don't need those things.'
    I scoffed. Of course, he did. Khafnuria may have been his land, but not every Khafnurian knew the crooks and corner of their own land. 'General, I must draw out the maps. Besides that we won't know where we're going.'
    'The guides will help us.'
    I sighed. Of course they did.
    Ramesses chuckled. 'I know you're young. At this age you'll be wanting to help all you can. But learn to exercise caution. You must know when to apply your talent and when not too.' He said, looking up to see a star shooting in the sky. 'Do you miss your homeland?'
    I did. It had been three years since my exile. My Guru was shocked to see me posses the four traits of human ignornance. He had told me that until I didn't conquer this, Vishaputra would be closed to me. Then again, he had raised me as a son in his old Ashram. I had become far too native now in Khafnuria, for I was still struggling to understand this country. It was beautiful as the sun, bizzare in the legends of its gods, and deceptive for the traveller. 'Yes. You already know the story General.'
    Ramesses whistled slowly. 'A young priest like you was sent on a journey to conquer your arrogance. It is no different from the priests of our temples. The priests of Wesretkau are known for their spirital journeys. They are men I respect. And tommorow, we will have crushed Nahakara's small rebellion.'
    I gulped. 'General, with all due respect, it isn't wise to under-estimate the man that could defeat us. He has a chance.'
    Ramesses found a small scorpion walking towards him. He picked him up. 'You see this scorpion Vajendra?' I nodded. He let the scorpion walk around him. 'You find this scorpion every day in the desert. They are not harmful if they pick you. Consider it a blessing. Until you meet a scorpion that's as giant as your army, consider yourself to be praying for the Gods forever. Scorpions are a very particular bunch of beings. They're incredibly lazy, yet very intelligent. Ants can eat them, but not when there is a horde of Scorpions huddled together.' The scorpion kept moving around Ramesses. I was amazed at how calm he was. The scorpion walked from his chest, down to his legs and then looked up. It spoke. 'Who are you? Great man?' It spoke with the voice of a child. I put my map down, and rubbed my eyes. In my homeland, animals spoke. But only when they wanted too.
    Ramesses chuckled. 'You are a small scorpion having travelled across thousands of miles. I am Ramesses, great general of this land. Where is your mother?'
    The scorpion let out a small whimper. 'I have been finding her for days. Yet I struggle. She has disappered entirely. I feel I will be eaten by snakes or ants. There are more predators out there in the desert.'
    Ramesses replied. 'I can protect you. You need only join me.' He let out his hand. The scorpion moved back, trembling. 'Don't crush me!' It shouted.
    Ramesses laughed. 'Of course I won't.' I feared he would do that. But instantly, the scorpion climbed upon to his lap. 'Sleep.' He commanded. He turned to me. 'Humans are savages, Vajendra. You'll know that as a priest. But I am only a savage when I choose to be.'
    The small scorpion slept like a baby in his lap. Another one of the bizzare things I learned about this land. Apparently one of their Gods had exploded the entire universe through his magnficient weapon. Moving on, I smiled. I saw a snake coming. I moved back. If its one thing about snakes, you always respect. I folded my hands but the snake ignored me. Instead it went to Ramesses. It arched its back, becoming bigger and bigger until its entire body over-shadowed us. I was quaking in fear. This was no ordinary snake. It was a Cobra. Ramesses patted my back. 'Don't feel nervous.'
    It was remarkably ironic that this General wasn't aware of the fact that the snake's pink jaws were open, saliva running through its mouth.
    The Snake hissed. 'I want that scorpion. It is a rare breed. One of the finest delicaies around the desert. Give it to me.'
    Ramesses shook his head. 'No. You won't get it.'
    The Snake chuckled. 'Do you really think you can stand against me? You wouldn't want a fight, now would you?'
    Ramesses laughed back. 'I am Ramesses of Khafnuria, conquerer of the world, defender of the Mighty Kas. Who are you stop to me, evil spirit?'
    The Snake growled, shutting its jaws. 'I have heard of you. You are the one that exiled the Sea Peoples back to their shores. I mean no dis-respect to you, great general.' The growl became fiercer. 'And I have no quarrel with you.' The snake thrashed me with its tail, and grabbed me. I struggled to hold him back, his grip becoming tighter around my neck. 'But it is imperative that you understand that I will eat your friend here, with no hesitation.' He shouted.
    Ramesses replied with the intensity of an idiot. 'Go ahead.'
    'What?' I said.
    Even the snake was in agreement. 'What do you mean? Give me the scorpion!'
    Ramesses shook his head again. Dear Bhagvan, I was getting fed up of his hesitance. 'You won't eat him. You want the scorpion? Tell me where his mother is.'
    The Snake's eyes glowed. 'And why would I tell you that?'
    'Because you've been searching for him haven't you? There is no coincidence here. Instead I will give you something much better. A secret that I know.'
    The Snake hadn't released me yet. I couldn't curse snakes even if I wanted too. My entire culture worshipped them! I'd need to get a friend from the Kingdom of the Naga's to help me out one day. 'Mahadeva help me,' I croaked.
    'And what secret is that?'
    Ramesses leaned in. 'I know a temple of snakes. A temple where a Queen named Patra rules. There is the divine bath of milk. I know all snakes love that area. Why? Because it was Sekhempahty, the divine incarnation of Horus, the Lord of the Two Lands that created it. All snakes that go there are blessed in the afterlife.'
    The Snake hissed. 'That is a lie! I have searched far and wide like every snake that has been created, or born into existance! No such thing exists!'
    A wide grin spread on Ramesses's face. 'And yet, do you not wander for it every day of your life? All snakes desire it once they get old...'
    I spoke. 'See the bigger picture...' every word of mine getting disgruntled. In truth, I could have freed myself. But I would not let the baby scorpion lose its life. I could see the future for I was a priest. Except, not many people recognised me as one. I was entirely foreign as the next traveller from any other empire. Ramesses was right. You needed to know where to apply your talents. The Snake looked at me, and then released me. I fell to the ground, croaking. Ramesses sat there, glaring intently at the snake.
    The Snake turned to me. 'You.' He said, moving smoothly within the sand, his eyes turning golden. His face came right in front of me. 'You showed no fear. Only restraint. Most Khafnurians are dead by the time I am done with them. I spare none. Yet you seem to be associated with snakes. I saw a man in my vision, a handsome well built man. That had the look of a nomad and a great beard, and a mighty snake far higher than me. What are you?'
    Ramesses replied. 'He's from Vishaputra.'
    The Snake turned on him. 'I desire to seek this knowledge from him.'
    'Do you want the secret to the Temple?'
    The Snake stopped, pausing. It considered what Ramesses's offer was. And then it spoke. 'What do you want in return?'
    Ramesses arose, gently putting the baby scorpion down. 'You will not touch this scorpion by the breath of my hair. I am endowed by the Gods, and one day by the will of Sobek, I will be Pharoah of this land. Help me defeat Nahakasha, and I will give you the location of the temple.'
    The Snake balked. 'Nahakasha? That bastard destroyed the Kingdom of Snakes! He has long gone from this world.'
    'Yet he has returned. Defeat his troops for me in battle. And I will reward you. A fine delicacy will only satisfy you in the short term. What I offer is a much greater gurantee on return.'
    The Snake hissed. 'Very well.' A swirling of dust appeared, and the snake disappered. Ramesses helped me get up, and made me sit back down again. 'You must be seething with rage right now.'
    Of course I bloody was. 'You didn't help me-'
    'You know the future, Rishi. You can also determine my future as well.'
    How I hated it when people used me for their own devices. 'You have thousands of priests in this for-saken empire. Why me?'
    'Because you know all the Gods.'
    'That was a blessing that Lord Mahadeva gave me. He is the God of destruction of all evil.'
    Ramesses turned his face to me. 'Then he gave you an excellent blessing. My only aim is to keep Khafnuria safe. I wish to be Pharoah.'
    'And you'll use me.'
    Ramesses frowned. 'No. Like you said, there are thousands of priests that will help me. But the pharoah Tutenka is a tyrant. I only serve him in preserving the Empire. Not to help him. He cowered when he heard of Nahakasha's name. How ironic, that he is a descendent of the first Pharoah that drove the cursed tryant from his throne. Nahakasha was thousands of years old. And now Tutenka suppresses the people. For him, giving me a red horse is far more important, and the people should starve because of it!' He tightened his fist. 'I will not accept this injustice. Never.'
    I smiled slowly. 'Help you become Pharoah...after saving the life of a baby scorpion in exchange for my life.'
    Ramesses took the scorpion in his hand, and stuffed it slowly in a bag I had not seen before. It was glowing. He smiled back. 'The gift of the Gods. I am taking him to the Temple of Kaf-nu. The Head-Priest shall take care of him.'
    He turned and moved away.
    I wondered whether to help him or not.
    Ramesses had invited me the next day to the Temple of Dakkha-Debhod. It was unlike any temple I had seen in my life. It was located deep in the caverns of Kaf-nu. Three large pryamids stood in the center, raidiating energy from the ship of the Gods that towered above it. The Khafnurians worshipped it every day. And the temple was not constructed by human hands. As I had walked around the temple, the buildings arose themselves from the ground. It was a holy place. There were stairs leading crossways into a multi-storied temple. Rumors were that the Lord of the Two Lands lived here. Only the most richest of Khafnuria's nobility could come here. It was a pilgramage to see the Great God every year.
    Here I was, watching the devotees praying to the eagle beaked shrine of the Lord of the Two Lands. The hieroglyphs of his destiny was pictued across the walls. He was the one that had defeated Setha, the ambitious God that wanted to rule Khafnuria. Apparently it had not ended. His rivarly with his father, Raan had caused the mess with Nahakasha in the first place. Ramesses came up to me. 'I must say, you're an excellent observer of our rituals.'
    I replied back, 'Its very much like our own temples.'
    Ramesses nodded. 'Indeed. But there is a pressing matter at hand. Come.' He led me into a secret passageway, as guards around us made way. We descended down a flight of stairs to see a golden stature of the Lord of the Two Lands extending forever. The ground itself was pink with purple grass. Dew and mists surrounded us. The sky had turned into a galaxy of colours that I could not describe. And the water was a dark purple, emerging into a swamp. The guards behind did not follow. Only Ramesses kept me walking towards the shrine. And there for the first time, I saw him.
    The Lord of the Two Lands. To an untrained eye, he seemed unrealistic, as if plucked from magic hair. Yet his head was the shape of an eagle, and the eyes were golden, glowing. His beak was not black, but blue with marble gold. He held an golden Ankh staff. The symbol of life. He turned to Ramesses. 'You come on very short notice, Ramesses.' His voice became sterner.
    Ramesses bowed. 'Lord of the Two lands, O God of Kings, I call you, for your true name is Heru-sa-Aset. Forgive me, I had wanted to introduce you to a friend who I think can help us in defeating Nahakasha.'
    Heru-sa-Aset turned to me. 'I know of your reputation. It was Lord Mahadeva that had blessed you with the skills of a thousand diplomats. Your tounge is smooth, and you come from a great line of priests and sages. Know this. You will not master everything here. Your master exiled you from your homeland to get rid of your first sin. Greed. Helping my devotee will eventually rid of your desire for human greediness. You must transcend into goldy greediness if you are to unlock the secrets of the universe.'
    I bowed. 'Thank you, Lord of the Two Lands.'
    Heru-sa-Aset clicked his tounge. 'You have gathered your army here Ramesses, but Nahakasha is not coming for you.'
    Ramesses looked up. 'What do you mean?'
    'He has only revived himself now for four weeks. It took you less than two weeks to gather an army. You have had difficulty in locating him. Do not fall prey to him. Do you know where he is?'
    'He has destroyed the afterlife once more. The souls of the dead are crossing into the real world again. He has offered those that preferred his regin, eternal immortality. Anubis can hold him back for only so long. Raan is refusing to listen as he is. He is besieging Aaru right now as we speak.'
    'Let me lead-'
    Heru-sa-Aset raised his hand. 'No. Time will pause in your reality for now. The world will continue as it is. You must take an army of heavenly soliders to defeat him. You will pass through deserts and mountains. Know this. Nahakasha will come into the real world when he gets a chance. And now...let us test whether you are truly worthy of my blessing.'
    The ugly screeched echoed into my ears. The world changed, and we stood on a plain of grass with trees surrounding us. The beast came towards us. It possessed the body of a flexible leopard, while its head was the shape of a snake. Ramesses found himself holding a spear that glowed with the power of the Gods. I felt something in my hands too. A bow. A foreign bow which I was not used too. An arrow formed in my hands, glowing.
    I looked at Ramesses. 'What is this creature?' The creature looked at us and hissed.
    Ramesses. 'You'd better shoot now Vajendra, or else we're dead meat!'
    The beast ran.
    30 paces.
    20 paces.
    10 paces.
    I fired.
    The arrow sprung from my hands, hurtling into the air. It landed onto the ground, producing a seismic shock. The beast jumped into the air, landing harshly onto the ground. Yet again, it kept coming back. Every time my arrow fired, it kept coming back. The signs of blood were pouring through his body. But it didn't deter him. Ramesses ran forward, hurtling his spear. The spear sliced through the neck of the nefarious beast, blood gorging out of its body. It collapsed.
    It was only until I realized something bigger was standing behind in front of me. Ramesses yelled. I turned to see a three headed dog, bigger than me. Its eyes flashed with the fury of a thousand souls, fire burning. Jagged teeth that could break a human skull, and three toungs whose saliva was touching down upon me. It was a creature I had read somewhere. There were many like this, but this one was the hound of the underworld of Hades. I raised my bow. This creature would die if it wanted to eat me.
    I stretched my bow. Ramesses charged.

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    Chapter 2:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The Hound of Cerebus swirled, its head rotating in the fashion of a tiger preparing itself to strike. The eyes of the hound's heads cried with hot lava flowing down. As I observed myself, dust arose like clouds of summer from the thunderstorms of Raan itself. We were standing on solid ground. Green grass and trees surrouded us. The first head roared. I raised my arms, and unleashed the spell of Agni, the fire God to protect me. The spell let out a sharp burst of blue energy, crackling into the hound's eyes. The Hound roared and shoved me as I flew into the air. I landed onto the ground with a bump, groaning. I summoned a Gandiva, a great bow. Summong the strength of ten thousand warriors, I endured to hold the bow for it held a life of its own. I took up the bow, stretched the glowing arrow that had materalized into my hands, and fired, strining it forcibly.
    The nosie struck hard. An explosion erupted from the rind of the dog's body, massive chunks of flesh flying into the ground. I heard a scream, looking to see Ramesses hurtling his weapon against the Hound. The Hound flicked it with his paw. Ramesses moved back. I arose and saw that my bow was resplendent with beauty, an evening cloud reflecting the magnficience of the rising sun. It shone brighter than most weapons I had held. I once again raised my bow, and fired. The Hound bellowed, screeching into the air. With a mad growl, it turned to face and began to bark me.
    The paws of the Hound let it jump into the air, unveiling its wings. It flew straight toward me, ever fiercer it was. Ugly creature. The shriek made by the Hound kept screeching like the soul of a dying man. I fired again, the bow's string rining loudly. The arrow thrust itself into the air and cut the Hound's left wing. Like a sack of rocks in a bag, it fell down, screaming. The dog slammed hard onto the ground. Yet again it arose. Ramesses had leapt upon Cerebus, trying to fight the forming dogs that emerged from the flesh of its body. A disgusting sight. Ramesses swung his spear, killing dog after dog. Yet they kept coming, they kept materalizing. Ramesses couldn't keep his balance on the body of the Hound, as it kept swinging back and forth.
    Rivers of dark red blood fizzled through the back of the Hound. Ramesses thrust his spear around the back, trying to make the Hound response in pain. The bubbling of the Hound's Blood that fell into the ground quickly turned into acid. No wonder he was the guardian of the afterlife. I advanced, bow in the ready. Running with the might of Mahadeva, I rushed and leapt onto the Hound. The Hound screeched, bellowing ghastly into the air. Letting out a sound that was alien to me. I balanced back and forth, taking Ramesses's hand and pulling him up before a dog was about to consume his head. We looked at each other for two seconds. I nodded. A dagger materalized from my hand, as I went straight for the head.
    I jumped, stretching my arms into the air and bending my legs. I would finally kill the Hound. Plunging my dagger, I was about to kill him when his second head turned to me. It attempted a broad grin. Stumbling, I felt the sharp bite of his fangs as he flung me into the air before throwing me into the ground. Stumbling and rolling down, I groaned. He had grazed at my ribs. The Hound with a twist of his tail, thrashed Ramesess before opening his mouth. A burst of fire leapt onto Ramesses's body. Ramesses screamed, ducking down. The Hound was wounded, but it was not going to give up. It was wounded, yet it leapt with fierce delight at the sight of us two mortals bowing down. The Hound retreated, licking its wounds.
    I went to Ramesses, and saw his body was partially burnt. 'Are you alright?'
    He croaked. 'I'm fine...' He said, attempting to arise.
    I held him. 'Stay here,'
    Quickly I took out a small pouch I had been hiding in my cloak. I gave it to him. 'Drink. I'll deal with him for now.'
    I gritted my teeth. The Hound hungrily eyed me, yapping and barking. His paws slammed onto the earth, the ground shaking and sounding welkin. The echoes of the screaming dead could be heard clearly into my eyes. Summoning my Gandiva, six arrows materalized, bursting with energy that no mere mortal could fight with. I released, letting the arrows thunde into the air. It cut off all the heads of the Cerebus. I was relieved, breathing. Except I shook in horror, upon finding the Dog's heads reforming again. This was cheating!
    The Hound was dauntless. His three heads opened and burst a magnficient sea of light, scorching the grass in front of me. It's wave becoming brighter than the Sun itself. I raised my arms, summoning the power of the winds, and thrust it back. I was slowly being forced to move with the impact of the sun's wave trying to burn me. The Hound wanted me in its collection of souls. I could feel it. I would not become its prey. The wave of fire dispersed, before a cloud of darkness began to shroud me. Darts poured from the sky. I swung my arms and formed a circle of wind that would protect us.
    But the arrows came relentlesss. Wave after wave. They would not stop. My arms were struggling to hold the circle of wind for only so long. My fist tightened. The Hound was cheating and I would not let a dog take me and Ramesses down. A naga-dart formed into my hands, and I thrust it at the heart of the Hound. The dart hurled through the air, and logded itself deep into the heart of the Hound. But it did not kill him. However the lifeblood was draining from its heart. It was trying to make sure that the arrow wouldn't touch his heart, yet it kept pricking at him.
    I grinned.
    The Hound swirled itself into a cloud of darkness. It transformed itself into th shape of a mountain, stout and tall, over-awing any mere city. The Hound raised his voice, screaming, screaming from one end of the world to another. The ground shook and trembled. With my hands, I summoned a rock. The ground shook as a massive boulder from the weight of my hands's gravitational pull forced it to break away from its earthly prison. Slowly, my hand's magic kept it levitating in the air. I thrust it at the Hound.
    Hurtling towards the Hound, it flew with the power of a mighty eagle. The Hound raised his paw and crushed it. It let out a small laugh. By the Gods, this Hound was difficult enough to defeat. The Hound decided it had enough. It ran towards me. I summoned my bow once more, and fired ten arrows that materalized and thrust themselves into the air. With the power of the Gods, the heads and massive chunks of the Hound fell one by one. The Sum became rid, dim with the sickness of blood. The darkness fell, and the earth seemed to let out a distant cry. Gouts of blood emerged everywhere, turning the entire field of grass into an ocean of blood that my legs were buried deep into. I swoopt up Ramesses, who was choaking by now. I took him towards a tree and left him there, safe in the knowledge that the Hound wouldn't try to hurt him.
    The Hound growled. And I could feel it behind me. It's heads had grown, only salivating. Summoning a javelin, I threw it at the head. It sliced through the neck, causing it to gurgle. The Hound choked and howled. Gouts of blood poured. The cloaks of dread and deathful arrows unleashed as I summoned my bow once more, and kept firing. The Hound had enough, its flesh rotting in the air. It charged for me the last and final time. I charged, and leapt into the air, as its heads unleashed a storm of fire. Covering myself, I landed onto the back, and went deep into his half broken body. The heart. I plucked it and the Hound screamed.
    A storm of blood descended over me as I spluttered. The bones fell instantly, and the meat disappered. I breathed deeply, exhausted. I collapsed.
    Hours later, I saw Ramesses watching me as he sat. I arose. The clouds had turned blue again, and the blood had settled into the ground. My hands still felt the fresh blood. 'Did we win?'
    Ramesses nodded. 'We won Vajendra. Thank you for saving my life there.'
    'Your welcome, but who's that?'
    I saw a dog looking at me. It was different, and its eyes seemed to beg for attention. It came to us. The Dog spoke. 'I am the Hound of Cerebus. You defeated me, foreigner.'
    Foreginer? I was no foreginer. I was an holy sage in the Khafnurian afterlife. 'You don't belong here, either.' I pointed out.
    The Dog nodded. 'Yes. When I get lost for a long time, I turn into the Hound that is the fear of mortal's nightmares. I have been long gone from Hades, and I have wondered into a land I do not know. I need you to get me back.'
    I turned to Ramesses. 'Well? You promised a baby scorpion you'd help her find a mother.'
    Ramesses chuckled. 'It seems I won't be Pharoah of humanity, I'll be the Pharoah of animals!'
    We both laughed.
    Ramesses replied. 'We'll need a hound with us. It'll protect us from all the creatures in the afterlife. We're on our way to defeat Nahakasha.'
    The Hound barked. 'Nahakasha! That tyrant exiled me into this land...and it has been such a long time since I've been...' he whimpered.
    Poor dog. I ruffled his ears, and patted him. 'This Nahakasha fellow has been destroying much of the afterlife.' I noted.
    Ramesses nodded, arising. 'We'll need to make our way then. Horus is testing us.' He said, pointing to a boat.

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    A very interesting concept, combining mythologies from the ancient world. It seems now that Cerberus has joined the gang we can start the quest to defeat Nahakasha in earnest.

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    Yes we'll be going to a different realm soon. The realm of Ahura Mazda in chapter 4. This will have a Prince of Persia.

    All animals hate Nahakasha.

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    Great to see you back at this, TWS! A slight criticism if you'll indulge me - the font is a little bit too big for my liking. But other than that it's great

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    What font would work? Size 11 or 12?


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    I'm not very sure about that, since I use the site's font which caps at size 7. Going by your scale maybe an 8 or a 7 would be nice. It's all up to you really

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    I agree with the comments of Turk and Swaeft. It sounds like Vajendra is very powerful, with enormous strength and the power to summon weapons, ammunition and objects. I imagine that it might be challenging to come up with opponents who could take him on, but it looks like you're doing well at this so far!

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    Thank you Swaeft and Alwyn, will have to put this in the backburner as I'm currently editing two short stories. Will keep updating!

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