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Thread: TWC PvP World 2

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    Default TWC PvP World 2

    Hello there.

    I was cleaning up my old PC before selling, and I found that I still had the world from the second TWC PvP world (first MCC one I think). Not sure if that's the right name, but it'll do. It was active from the second half of 2012.

    Please find the download link here, get it while it's hot: onedrive linky (MS account required)
    I'm not sure where you'll spawn, but I spawned in what was Oxford. I included a map (as an image), but unfortunately I don't exact coordinates of previous bases. But if you make the effort for yourself, please share below!
    I also included a file with the locations of what had just become resource points that could be claimed and would generate the faction resources.
    I didn't look around too much, but I hope the world is not corrupted anywhere important!

    Running instructions
    A recent version of server.jar is included,
    I created a powershell script in the directory which will launch the server with enough ram such that it doesn't crash when you join. just right click -> run with powershell.
    To log in, fire up the latest version of the game and connect to it. In my case the server path was localhost:25565, yours should be the same.

    Enjoy + hope you're all keeping well,

    p.s. if anyone has the first official TWC world I'd really like to see it again (was my favorite one)!

    p.p.s we should organise a walking tour one coming weekend, all of us on the same server or and with chat. Let me know if there's interest and I'll put something together!

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    Default Re: TWC PvP World 2

    Oh no frackin' way. I'd love to get together one weekend. I still have a couple guys (Greens, Benz, Poach) on steam.

    EDIT: Here's an album of my old builds, will update this with screenshots of other stuff as I go back around:

    Here's the Map 2 map. Don't have coordinates but you should be able to navigate your way:
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