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    Hey guys, I cannot express how much I love your mod and everything you guys do!! It's crazy to see how far this project has come over the years.

    Quick question. Does Shu not have the ability to produce it's own unique units? I played through the Liu Clan recently and I never could get any of my cities to make Zhuge Crossbows, Unstoppables, or White Plum units. I don't know if this is true for the other factions, but I definitely couldn't make anymore of Shu's unique troops. I'm about to play a Wu/Sun campaign so I hope I don't face the same problem. Might be user error on my part so I thought I should ask. Keep up the great work guys! We appreciate you!

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    From what I know, I believe you can have only 1 unique unit at the same time. If the said unit loses soldiers you can retrain it in the said building (it's written in the unit card description). You can train another unique unit only after losing the initial one.

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