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Thread: My enjoyment of this mod

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    Icon14 My enjoyment of this mod

    I have been downloading updates and playing this mod on and off for a couple years and decided that I wanted to post a message about how much I've enjoyed the mod. The first time I downloaded the mod, I played as Lu Bu's faction and got completely stomped by Cao Cao, I had a lot of fun just charging their lines with Lu Bu.
    Just recently I decided that I should tell you guys how much this mod has made me interested in Chinese history, and reading the Romance of Three Kingdoms. I would have 6-10 hour sessions of just playing whatever faction got updated, or whoever I felt like playing and the mod never disappointed me. My favorite factions to play are most definitely the factions with missions because it gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment when you finish the quests and make yourself a king.
    So far I have made only 5 factions as kings, but they were worth playing and I am glad you guys still update this mod even after how many years it has been going on and I'm extremely glad that you guys still evolve the mod as each update goes on, with your consistency I'm sure I'll play this mod more than the Three Kingdoms game that is soon to come out.

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    Totally agree. This amazing mod really surprised me. Just feel sad it is too underrated right now, really deserving more attentions.

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    Default Re: My enjoyment of this mod

    Thank you very much for your kind words. We aim to please
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    Default Re: My enjoyment of this mod

    Thanks for that warm and fuzzy feeling when reading this.

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    I have to agree with OP on this. Absolutely amazing mod, yet so undervalued. The immersion into the period is top notch.

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    "Final version - compilation of all patches and updates"

    Wait, no Japanese ninja or samurai factions to be done? WHAT!?

    On a more serious note, I wanted to thank Seether and Gigantus for all their work on this mod.

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    This mod made me read the Romance
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