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    Fight-Kill for the Horned Rat!

    In an instant, she found herself at the head of a small squad. Thirty people in all, and she had kept her own equipment, which was good. If she had to do this without the new Blade Of Ulric, things would probably suck. Mostly because the siege was done and she’d have to wait ages to test it out otherwise.

    Complete the Patrol with more than 60% of the squad remaining

    Looking over at her men, he saw them to be the clumsy in field volunteers kind of men who could barely march and were not wearing armour that fit them very well. The test would be more keeping them alive than anything else. She was sure there would be some enemies coming to try kill her and her men, but wasn’t sure what. And that was what put her on edge, waiting for the enemy to arrive. And when they finally did, it caught everyone off guard with who it was. The vanguard scout came sprinting towards them, waving his hands dramatically and shouting.
    “Rats! G-g-Giant rats!” he shouted, arriving in front of Estaria with a panicked face. She mentally sighed, and resolved herself to the fact that this job would be her dealing with a group of paranoid levies. Reaching out to plant a hand on his shoulder, she gave him a the comforting smile that she gave everyone who got spooked out in the field. It was a smile that everyone learned how to do, because everyone got spooked now and then. It was the nature of such high tension.

    “In a situation like this, you can see something at a glance and it can panic you. You can think you have seen something, and you can go running off to tell someone. But you can’t report such things casually. As the forward scout, your report affects the entire squad. You have to be clear, you have to make sure that what you saw is what you saw. If it is not, then you have put everyone in peril” She finished her speech, and he seemed less panicked. A lot more towards the fact that he had seen something and worried rather than getting a clear view. It might have even worked if the speech didn’t immediately lose all credibility as a man pointed and shouted.
    “Gi-giant rats!” The man screamed. The cry of surprise and fear fluttered through the ranks. Even Estaria took a step back. There were many monsters of the world, so why had it made her giant rats to face?

    And then she took a step forward and looked to her men.
    “So the rodents are a bit bigger than usual. I don’t see any giant cats around here, so we have to kill them! Handgunners ready your weapons, Swordsmen gather in a line in front of them! They are threats to the Empire and will be killed as such!” Estaria’s thunderous voice rocked the men on their heels, and halted the rout. And then to punctuate her orders, she pulled out one of her pistols and put a bullet down-wind, Sub-targetting the closest rat’s head. It was a white mook, and so it’s head was blown clean off. And then his friend was also downed as Estaria reloaded the gun with a flourish and fired again. Such precise shooting and the reloading trick that was most impressive gave the men the spine to follow orders and regain their positioning. Estaria’s pistol was joined by handguns, but they were hastily and inaccurately fired, and only a few of the bullets in each volley made it to their intended targets. And so sooner than she had hoped, they were inundated with rat. Scabbied, Swollen with hunger and with dirt-crusted, matted fur, these creatures were desperate like a wild dog. Flailing claw and the occasional stabbing spear - they didn’t even have weapons for the most part - couldn’t hope to get through shield and armour, but the weight of number and desperation was doing what shouldn’t be done and men were going down, shredded with tooth and claw even as they were cut apart.

    Seeing their friends be eaten by giant rats had an understandably adverse effect on the morale, but Estaria kept them in place with her grit and presence, eventually clearing the wave of rodent and concluding the situation. Three people had been mauled to death by the rats, one more was nursing a bleeding claw-strike across his face. And everyone was shaken.
    “Well, that wasn’t exactly the first combat situation I wanted you guys to be in, but you did well. We’ll finish up this patrol and-” Estaria was interrupted by the words of a beast behind her, which caused the whole squad to quall in fear.
    “Kill-stab! Take Life-Bodies for Underempire!” the large, black-furred rat had a fractured grasp of how to talk, but that didn’t make it any less intimidating. A large, well-equipped thing with a dozen others. Taller, broader, more menacing than the half-dead creatures that came before, it occured to Estaria that the ones before had been to shake up the line and test their defenses before the proper warriors arrived.

    The order to fire was one that went unheeded this time, and so with a curse she just rushed the closest rat and struck with her Second Slice. The first blow knocked the vast majority of it’s luck down - and did some damage to health with the ice, it seemed magic didn’t play nice with Luck - and then the second blow sent it sprawling to the ground, where it died. The second black-furred rat thrust his spear, and it bashed against her shield with a jarring thud. Her retaliatory swing clipped most of the luck, but she wasn’t destined to kill it, as a pair of handgun bullets slammed into it. Having lost it’s Luck, the bullets hit home and felled the rat. Her radical charge into the enemy had emboldened her routing squad, at least enough to stand behind her jeering and shooting handguns. Although the way they shuffled back when it looked like she was going to retreat to them implied she was on her own as far as a fight went.

    The support was helpful, as the Handguns snapped at anyone who tried to encircle her, and it seemed that despite being big and well armoured, the rats were not the bravest. None wanted to charge towards the group of gun-wielding men except in number, and every attempt to go around the woman in front would leave them exposed to the Handguns for too long before reaching the enemy. And so that lead to the only possible route, going through the woman. And so the sight of Estaria holding off a dozen giant rats while her men cowered behind her and fired off pot-shots whenever they thought they could, was branded into their minds. The woman captain carving up rats with her sword, each blow cleaving armour and spilling blood until by bullet and blade, there were no more rats left to fight.

    Turning back to her men with a scowl that sent them scurrying back as much as the giant rats had, she cocked her head and wordlessly ordered them to continue the march. It took them a minute to get back into line because nobody wanted to go near the rats and so gave them a wide berth, but eventually they finished the patrol, and got back to came, where Estaria delivered the report of giant rats to the Commander. And one of the black-furred rat’s heads because she knew he would just laugh at her otherwise. Of course, it was spooky to see a giant rat’s head dumped on your desk, but he acknowledged the risk that this presented to his camp, and that night there was double guards around the perimeter. Several squads came back undermanned, a few never came back at all, and it was putting everyone on edge.

    And then, the edge was justified. Rending the night and stirring people from their slumber was the crack of a handgun. All at once the camp came alive with activity, soldiers rushing from their tents to investigate the noise. And from there it was seen, a giant horde of rats descending upon them in the thousands. Chittering, screaming, raging forward like a tidal wave of fur and fang. The more disciplined handgunners among the camp quickly took to firing lines and delivered volleys into the horde, well experienced with the weight of number that many threats could bring. But the rounds were swallowed by the endless tide and there was nothing that could be done to slow it down. The night watchmen were simply absorbed into the teeming mass, and it surged towards the center of the camp where the rest of the men gathered. And a new box.

    The Skaven Descend.

    Lovely and ominous. No quest, no direction, no anything. If these creatures were to overrun this camp, the city beyond them would be helpless. No warning of the oncoming horde, they would be at very least crippled, at worst crushed and emptied entirely. She could stay and fight, but the battle was so one-sided even her powerful attributes would do no good. And yet…

    “Commander! Get a horse and go warn the city! We will hold them off long enough for your warning to matter. And take the head, so they can’t just ignore you” She told him. He had the position and standing to make an impact in the courts, and would at least gain the support of the martial minded nobles. He seemed shocked at the sudden, blunt nature of it all, but quickly felt the truth in the words, grabbed the head, and set off out of the camp on horseback. That was the city saved, but now she needed to deal with the camp. The camp they were all going to die in…

    Well, if it was her destiny to die in this quest to get a Job, then she was going to die with abloom. Returning to the front, she drew her pistol pair and unleashed both rounds, before quick-loading them and firing them off again. Her Cool ran dry from constant reloading, and then the pistols were discarded and she rushed into the fray, backed by swordsmen and halbarders to her sides and handgunners to her back. It was a fight far different from the siege of Middenhiem. There she fought for the city and her life, but here she fought to kill as many of the bastards as she could and to give the Commander as much time to get away as they could manage. A pile of rats grew in front of the line as blade and bullet cut them down like wheat, but no wall held forever. Man after man fell to the swords, the spears, and the fangs of the rats. Some of them were overcome and set about ripping apart whatever they could get their teeth into and eating it.

    Bullets ran out, and so the Handgunners made a desperate charge into the horde, and a momentary split in the wave gave Estaria the view of a large, heavily armoured rat-man, leading on the rest. She didn’t know if this was real or fake, but given the power of the System, it could be either. Or both. And so she pushed off, charging through the hole in their line, swift as the greatest of horses. A lesser man would simply get caught in the throng as it closed back up, but Estaria was fast enough to keep ahead of the curve, and so ending with a great leap, she soared towards the Rat-man, smashing him from his perch with her shield. Rolling to recover from the landing, her blade swiftly took a sizeable chunk from his Luck bar, which was reciprocated very quickly. The rat was fast, and it struck with undue force, but it was a situation where Estaria could truly grasp the speed of her own movements.

    They clashed like lightning, a Rat-man squeaking in the broken tongue of rats, and Estaria blocking, dodging, and weaving. Eventually with extended sub-targetting strikes, she disabled one of the Rat-man’s legs. And with just enough Cool built up, she threw a Double Slice to his head. The first cut triggered a Critical Wound, and with the second, his head came away from his neck. Mercy Of The Wolf providing the damage needed to kill him dead. More black-furred rats came out from around her, screaming in what seemed to be happiness. Why they would be happy that their boss was dead she didn’t know, but she geared herself for the fight. And as her health began to deplete, she was wondering when the quest would be over.

    30%...25%....20%.....15%.....the quest, would be over any minute….10%.....5%.....any, minute……..

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    It sounds like Captain Estaria is lethal with both pistol and blade - and that she was unnerved by the lack of a quest or direction when the Skaven arrived. Good update!

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    It's the feeling you get when you know the situation is ed and nothing you can do will change that in the slightest. A Resignation of the state of affairs. No point worrying, you'll only die sad.

    Suddenly, Estaria was back in her room. She didn’t feel the last blow land, but she was sure it did. And yet, she did not die. That was such a relief, she couldn’t handle dying twice in the same life time. And then, she was giving a simple box in front of her.

    Duty Unto Death.

    Was it, praising her for dying or was there a tone of judgemental disdain behind it, that dying ends your duty and should not be rushed into? Shaking her head, she knew she was thrown off because she was questioning the philosophical meaning of a floating box only she could see. Screw that, there was training to be done. And interestingly, new training as well.

    Physical Training:

    0/4 Mook enemies killed (Melee)
    0/2 Elite enemies killed (melee)
    0/1 Boss enemy killed (melee)
    0/20 Sword Drill
    0/10km Run

    Agility training

    0/2 Mook enemies killed (ranged)
    0/1 Elite enemies killed (Ranged)
    0/1 Beam Walk
    0/1 Handstand for 5 seconds

    While her melee training was just average, kill more things, run more stuff, swing more sword, her not-Melee training had the addition of “Handstand for 5 seconds”. She wondered how that would go down. As a child she had never really done a handstand, or any other of the childish play, come to think of it. Plus….Giant Rats. Did they exist? Were they created for the quest? Estaria was unsure, and that was the worst part. And then snapping back again, she wondered if her Agility was more varied because she was an agility character. It was certainly an interesting idea.

    While she was heading to the training ground, she scanned the shop for anything interesting, and eventually came across a 10,000gp “Potion Of Greater Experience”. She grinned broadly and, lacking any self control due to having possibly died at the hands of giant rats a few minutes ago, bought 6. Withdrawing the first one and taking off the top, it went down the hatch and froze Estaria in her steps. The taste of the potion was sublime. Never before in her life had she had such a tantalizing taste. Smooth, and rich, it’s texture was perfect and the taste itself didn’t overwhelm her. Even the level up boxes were in the way of the taste, and she had run through them before she even realized it. There was a lot of exp in each one, and she was now level 20, but that wasn’t the point. She struggled with herself, trying not to buy more and simply stormed off to the training ground, here Celerity making good time, and giving her something to throw herself into. Sword Drills and running, a good way to work off strain. She got out of the danger zone and didn’t quite feel so harrowed mentally, and so took a quick break before the dummies, to go over the stuff from her level ups.

    First Job Unlocked: Captain. Traits reduced to once every three levels.

    Ohh, that sucked. Getting less traits was always bad, but she did have plenty of them to begin with, so it wasn’t a massive issue. Keeping up the once every two levels would lead her to be inundated with Traits. She shut that down, and the second one popped up.

    Job Traits unlocked. These traits are special traits related to your Job.

    Who made this? Was there really a need to be so obvious? Shaking her head softly she shut that one down and there was a third. Seems she had ignored quite a bit.

    50 Precision: Advanced Sub-Targetting unlocked. Groin, Eye, Hands, Feet (arrow/knife/bolt only)

    Estaria felt herself cringe upon seeing “Groin” but kept reading anyway.

    Groin: Deals high damage and stuns the enemy when hit. Destroying the Groin causes stun bypassing Resistance.

    Ulric, could she cringe harder? The idea of putting a bullet through a person’s testicle just made her clamp up, despite not having anything down there to be shot.

    Eye: Very difficult shot, but deals immense damage. Destroying the Eye causes instant death or Critical Wound

    That, one made sense. There wasn’t much to the eyeball, and sticking a bullet through it was going to go right to the brainpan.

    Hands: Hitting the Hands will immediately disarm the foe. Destroying the Hands will cause the destroyed hand to be unable to be used.
    Feet(Arrow/Knife/Bolt only): Hitting the Foot immediately stops a person’s movement. Destroying the foot cuts movement speed by one quarter.

    Well, there was a nice bit to counter the cringe of the groin. It was like them old tales where the hero archer pinned a man to the ground with an arrow. Wasn’t something she was going to do though, she used blackpowder, rather than arrows, bolts, or knives.

    50 Agility: Weight-Spread unlocked.
    Weight-Spread: Your weight counts of it’s actual number for the sake of unstable footholds.

    That looked to be the last box. Letting out a soft sigh from the immense information thrown at her through this one, she was back into work. With the work she did from the basic training, she had more bullets than she knew what to do with. A few hundred standard ones and a hundred Nuln-Forged. They had been used extensively in the siege, to great effect. And the normal ones would allow her to train for weeks on end, even if she didn’t get more as a reward for doing it.

    The Dummies were so below her level at this point that the fight was a joke. She split them in half with one swing. Which wasn’t a surprise for the Mooks, or the Elites, but taking out boss with a single swing was emboldening and enticing. She was getting strong. Of course, the Ulric’s Boon and the sword would help a lot for that but still. She was going to have her ego moment and like it!

    Physical Training:

    4/4 Mook enemies killed (Melee)
    4/2 Elite enemies killed (melee)
    4/1 Boss enemy killed (melee)
    20/20 Sword Drill
    10/10km Run

    Advanced Physical Training Complete: 2 skill points to spend on Strength, Stamina, Constitution

    The training couldn’t be overcompleted, which was sad. But she wasn’t going to complain, she was getting free points for this. Stamina was way ahead of Strength and Constitution due to panic buying when she had just started this, so those pointed needed to go into the others. Ulric’s boon was keeping them nice and high, but it seemed artificial values didn’t give the stat traits. So one point in each. And then another box. One that, while she should have expected but was caught by surprise anyway.

    Hidden Quest Complete

    Kill Mook Dummy with one Swing: 2/1
    Kill Elite Dummy with one Swing: 2/1
    Kill Boss Dummy with one Swing: 2/1

    Accept Rewards? (Vigor Token, Random Box)

    Vigor token. Not so important for her because of her Main Stats being different. But she’d probably stockpile them anyway and see if there was anything cool when they built up. The random box was also interesting, and so she opened that, but it only rolled some different swords and they weren’t all that helpful for her with Ulric’s Fang. She’d make Borrago a gift if there was anything that caught her eye. Giving herself a few moments before going off to the Agility training, she rolled through the Vigor shop. She hadn’t really looked properly last time.

    It was here, she got a red-backed thing with a very angry LOCKEDtext across it. That….was a new thing. She tapped it, and got a bigger red box.

    This is Locked. Complete special requirements to unlock it

    She could almost feel the snappy bite in the first sentence. And what those special requirements were, wasn’t even hinted at.
    “Bloody thing. All right, then keep your secrets” she shook her head, closed it down and headed off to the firing range. This, was easy. That Hidden Quest was so easy to complete these days. One, two, three. Tokens and box. Box gave her more bullets. And it was all good. Heading to the Agility training, the handstand and beam walk were done. The Handstand was strange, but she couldn’t say she didn’t like it. The two points went into dexterity because she was really enjoying how easily her sword was to wield. It flowed like silk across skin, and that was a boon beyond most in the battlefield. And then finally, with her training done, she headed back to her room, pulled open the status screen, and looked over the two traits she got.

    Two were orange-edged, and certainly had an interesting name. Clearly, a Job Trait.
    So she tapped it to read up on it.

    For The Empire!: A steely shout to light a fire in the hearts of your men! +10 to all stats (Excluding yourself) to anyone who can hear your shout.
    Captain’s Shadow: Snap of a Captain’s finger, and the target falls. Designate a target to be hit with a Hotchland Long Rifle bullet. Usable every 10 minutes.

    Fair traits they were. And so Estaria caught some sleep, for what tomorrow would bring.

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    Default Re: Hammer (Warhammer Fanfic, 15531 words)

    I like the line "she couldn’t handle dying twice in the same life time" and I'm enjoying the way that you use a game-system superimposed over reality (so that is is kind of the reverse of an AAR based on a campaign - that's a story overload over elements of a game, while here you have elements of a game overload over a story). It sounds like Estaria is deadlier than ever!

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    Admittedly, I have been really neglecting this in favour of my Royal Road one. It's got shiny stuff that impresses me. But, I felt bad, so I came to bring you chapter 8, as seen on Royal Road.

    Spoilered for sensitive content.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read:[/img]

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    Ok, so I tried to make the joke but TWC broke. Again. Returns to RR

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    Default Re: Hammer (Warhammer Fanfic, 15531 words)

    It's a shame that the server issues prevented your joke from working. Now that TWC is back (admittedly running more slowly while the server index is rebuilt after the update), I hope you'll post more of this.

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    Default Re: Hammer (Warhammer Fanfic, 15531 words)

    I have admittedly migrated almost entirely over to Royal Road, where I have recently published the 17th chapter. If you are interested in it, there is where to find it. It is just easier for me in every respect on that site.

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    Default Re: Hammer (Warhammer Fanfic, 15531 words)

    Thanks for sharing your stories here previously, good luck with your future writing!

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    Link to the Royal Road version has been posted. Unless that is illegal, then...I dunno, just delete the thread or something.

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