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Thread: Hard and above difficulty seems unplayable

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    Default Hard and above difficulty seems unplayable

    I've had this same problem in every single TW game to date. Playing on the Hard or Expert difficulty seems unplayable. On Normal, the game is still ridiculously easy. It's hard to lose a battle even with odds of 3 or 4 to 1. However, when I want to give myself a challenge and try to play on hard, the difficulty spike is a cliff. It's not that the AI uses better tactics, they dont, but it always seems no matter what, every single unit of yours has next to zero morale, and will retreat at the slightest sign of danger.

    It is like this in every single TW game I have ever played. Normal is too easy, but Hard and above gives you nonexistant morale so it's practically impossible to win a battle thats even in your favor. Am I hallucinating? Or is it actually this way.

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    Default Re: Hard and above difficulty seems unplayable

    You just need more practice - I never play on less than HARD, but it is true your troops lose their morale bonus and the AI gets it instead. This means you have to manage your tactics with morale in mind. If you try the same tactics that work on 'normal' you'll get whupped - you have to think more about weather, terrain and flanking on the battlefield, and make more effort to train higher morale troops on the strat map. Also you need to pay CLOSE attention to the vice/virtues of your generals. A 'good runner' trait can totally wreck your army, for one.

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    Hi Jelly,

    You are essentially confusing various TW-games, they are not all the same on such things... I do not know the exact details about later TW-games, I can tell you that they will differ from MTW in these regards. As for MTW specifically... On "hard", all AI units get a +15% bonus in combat. Also, the AI will start to use more "advanced" tactics and manoeuvres in the field. No morale bonus whatsoever and no penalties on you. This happens first at "expert", here the AI units get +4 morale and a +30% bonus in combat. And possibly use even more advanced tactics in the field - this part is still under debate. So I can't tell for sure.

    Anyways, I only play on "expert", so it is quite possible to play alright. Macsen is right, you just have too practice some more. Fight some custom battles. Start small and work yourself slowly up to larger formations/armies. My advice, do not use upgrades and bonuses as you train there. Learn the capacities and breakingpoint of each unit and eventually you will be playing on expert - as you have never done anything else...

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    Hello. As far as I'm concerned, I don't see much of a difference between Normal and Hard. I usually play on hard and don't have problems. Cheers

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    At the "EASY" level, the AI loses 30% damage, on "NORMAL" the damage is the same as that of a human, on" HARD" the AI gets +20% (this is equivalent to
    + 1 attack), on "EXPERT" AI takes +30% damage. Morale improved with buildings actually gives twice as much in combat. 1 valour adds, it seems, 2 morale( in addition to increases in attack and defense), so it is important to put a high-level general at the head of the army.

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    MTW is completely playable on higher difficulties.
    I ran vanilla campaign on expert recently and it worked well in battles.
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