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Thread: Dál Riata Total War

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    Default Dál Riata Total War


    May I introduce the Kingdom of Dál Riata.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This Gaelic kingdom occupies lands in the west of Scotland - surrounded by Vikings, Picts & Britons.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    There shouldn't be any bugs left so enjoy your conquering!

    Dál Riata is found in the Gaelic Kingdoms section, it recruits units from the Scottish roster and the accents are the same as the other Gaelic factions. The family tree & names are all Gaelic.

    The mod was created by turning Mierce into Dál Riata - this allowed me to avoid having the problem UI bar at the top of the screen when unlocking unplayable factions. Westernas then became Mierce (so they still exist in the game). Gallgoidell have been moved to Galloway in south west Scotland - the region which got it's name, incidentally from the Gallgoidell.


    I would strongly recommend getting the mod via Steam - this will ensure any and all updates will be applied faster.

    You can get the mod on Steam:
    - Type Dal Riata into the search bar or you can always follow the link...

    Alternatively you can get the mod here and extract it and place it manually in your Thrones of Britannia/data folder:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Enjoy and slàinte mhath!
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    Default Re: Dál Riata Total War

    Nice, gj

    Kingdom of Lindon preview video out

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    Default Re: Dál Riata Total War

    Well done Malcolm,I was going to make such a mod before I found this.

    Many thanks

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