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Thread: Crashes in NTW 3

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    Game crashes if I use "auto resolve". Also on France carousel Early May 1808 with no particular scenario, except one of my armies has retreated in face of overwhelming force. Anyone have these issues? Can anyone suggest anything? Help appreciated.

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    Well the "auto resolve" issue appears to have sorted itself out and I thought the France carousel had also. However the French carousel issue, has started again this time in Late October 1809. Hopefully it will once again sort itself out. Also in Pack File Manager I have noticed units for the War of 1812, but on the Launcher I do not have a link to that. Is that available and if so how do I access it?

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    I am crashing too. Do not know the reason. 30-36 turn Ottomans campaign
    Any advice how to "auto resolve"?

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    ...again. Russia 60th turn. When France takes turn it crashes.
    In one turn I bought peace with them. Forged alliance, had trade agreament, then they offered some money for my technologies. And 2 seconds after they crashed the game. How many turns I have to rollback to make it not happen? 10? oh my gosh
    Maybe it is not this mod but whole Napoleon... going to try some other overhaul.

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