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    Default Re: ahowl11's VE Mod (Main Discussion) v12 Economy, Resources & Population Growth

    Quote Originally Posted by GROB View Post
    Hello ahow11, you made me a believer. After our PM'S discussion, other than that, your mod looks great. But I wish you would change the looks of the skins of Roman soldiers. For the most part, I think the map untirely looks far better than the vanilla map. The colors are bright and eveything stands out. Way to go ahow, keep up the good work.
    If you are wanting something realistic looking (texture wise) I am not going to stray from the vanilla look and feel. DBH of XGM did that by having the Romans use Ferres style Romans and it just completely ruined the cohesion. However, I can improve on the models to make them more realistic. I'm just not gonna stray from the vanilla uniform colors. I'm glad you like the map, the mod will always be improving!

    Vesko, I fixed the bug, thanks for letting me know! Here is the file, it's save game compatible. Just stick it in HRTW/data and overwrite.
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