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Thread: EB2, 2.35, Video AAR, Lugiones

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    Thank you, I appreciate that Illiasoudaine. Where would we be without EB2, eh? I've never played as the Sarmartae and, although I love the Romani, it seems to be the most common choice. I will generally choose the faction that has received the most changes (for each patch, or, version). I try to showcase some of these changes and give a small taste of the depth which EB2 has to offer. Next episode is coming together.

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    Past couple evenings instead of playing myself I did a rerun of your whole series, then Historical Gameplay's (Sarkiss) Makedonian Restoration and Great Heathen Army (for M&B) ones Especially after tiresome work sessions I can't find it in me to play, though I want to, so thanks to your AARs/Playthroughs I can feel like playing without having to play
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    @Mouzafphaerre: A well deserved pat on the back for watching all of that. I have also enjoyed watching videos by Sarkiss, he has a wealth of knowledge. I have added five more turns to the next video, as an important event takes place. Thus, there will be a delay for release. Hope work is less tiresome today.

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    Thanks! Deadline tomorrow but I'm getting there, sprinkling Sarkiss' After Alexandros battles in between to catch some breath
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    New episode available.

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    Icon14 Re: EB2, 2.35, Video AAR, Lugiones

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Right at a time when seeds of central government, planned agriculturalism and urbanism start to give fruit amidst tribal bickering, cultural tensions and a seemingly endless train of troublesome characters marrying into the ruling families, the great king Tegugulas departs. Günther has many challenges before him now and a series of major victories would certainly help, if they can be made to happen

    Thanks for another great episode with even richer narrative interpretations of seemingly routine game events than we have already been spoiled with!
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    @Mouzafphaerre: Thank you again for the support. King Gunthharias (Gunther, as you put it), has already lost authority and desperately needs a war. It is going to be difficult. I hope the Sweboz will not attempt an attack, before the campaign against the Heruskoz. I shall be filming tonight. Wish me luck.

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