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    Hello all,

    I hope I'm in the right subforum and please excuse me if it's not the case

    I would like to know if it's possible to totally remove grass from battlefield maps. I know it can sounds strange but it would help a lot with frame rates and I think grass is not that important anyway. The "low" option from the graphics menu doesn't disable grass but makes it look absolutely hideous.

    I'm a total noob in modding, especially on warscape engine, but I saw a similar mod for Warhammer II so I think it's possible

    Thank you in advance and see you on the battlefield ;)

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    i would think the easyier way would be to find the textures and to make them transparent in something like GIMP. i had a quick look and found some basic textures under rigidmodels\campaign\vegetation\textures that original rigidmodel folder would have just been from one of the model.pack files in the main directory.

    to extract the files you can use RPFM

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