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Thread: PFM 5.1 - Thrones of Britannia Support

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    Default PFM 5.1 - Thrones of Britannia Support

    Pack File Manager has just had beta support integrated into it for Thrones of Britannia.
    Those who downloaded the beta of 5.1.0 before the final version was released will not have to re-download version 5.1.0 as the difference is in the inclusion of the "maxVersions_ToB.xml" file which DrunkFlamingo helped us obtain. This file should have either been autogenerated by the first time you ran PFM with Thrones installed or downloaded with today's schema 122 if you have the auto-updater enabled.

    Since I am unaware of any of PFM's staff having a copy of Thrones of Britannia, we will be reliant on the community to provide schema corrections if they find any. For this purpose, I have written a tutorial on decoding schemas which is linked below and in my signature.

    Other than that, this thread is mostly just for visibility. I plan to move the support threads to the general modding forum but until that is done I will continue primarily using the Warhammer 2 thread.

    PFM's current support threads:
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    Default Re: PFM 5.1 - Thrones of Britannia Support

    The first post of this thread has been updated due to the release of the final version of 5.1.0. This post is to bump the thread update time and include my signature's links since the prior post doesn't want to have them.

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