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    Default List of changes

    This thread list the different changes done in the gameplay and tables.
    Blue: changes introduced in the latest release
    In Italic: change in the current WIP version, not release yet.

    Changes with (*) apply only to some factions, current list is:
    - High Elves
    - Dark Elves
    - Wood Elves
    - Empire
    - Bretonnia
    - Dwarves
    - Lizardmen
    - Vampire counts

    Mortal Empire and Vortex campaigns are now both supported

    Other factions will be done later.
    Netx one planned: Tomb Kings

    General changes
    - Morale adjusted a little
    - Adjusted speed when climbing ladder
    - Adjusted collision and bracing and chance to hit
    - Allowed to drag the units on a wider front.
    - Healing cap increased
    - More wind of magic
    - Attrition starts sooner for siege
    - Ajusted walls, tower and siege engines. Less range and more damage for tower, siege engines are built faster.
    - Ajusted replenishment when in own region
    - Campagin Speed increased in your own region
    - Reduced upkeep penatly
    - Reduced great power diplomacy penalty
    - Adjusted diplomatic relation between races
    - Rogue armies have their own icons
    - Rebels have their own icons
    - Possible units in rebel armies adjusted (mix of generic and heraldic units)
    - Dynamic Manpower System
    - Climate overhaul (see post below for details (see below)

    Ministerial position
    More bonus for the Empire counts :
    - better leadership for the provincial units from their own province, when figthing in own or allied territory
    - Reduced upkeep for their own provincial units.

    Region and settlements
    - Provincial capital settlements have two more slots, but only if for the "rightfull" owner of the province (ex: Lothern has 12 slots when controlled by an HE faction, but only 10 when controlled by another faction).

    - Reworked UI: icons and porthole are no longer close up, but show more of the agents
    - More varied graphics for agents
    - Lore specific graphics for mage, spellsingers, sorcerer
    - Skill points are gained quicker (usually 2/level)

    - More buildings provide garrison (exemple : barracks give foot soldier, stable gives cavalry)
    - Priority reworked to have more chance to get stronger units, and also more variety

    Battle Camera
    - Increased ranged of movement

    Battle entities(*)
    - General rework of speed to have more variation between the different type of units (unarmored archer faster than armored archer, faster than armored swordmen, faster than armored spearmen, etc).
    - Flying speed significantly increased
    - Officers are harder to kill

    Battle personalities(*)
    - Each units has an offiicer, and some have 3 "bodyguard" for the officers. They have slightly different graphics, and are harder to kill than the regular soldiers.

    Walls and tower
    - More difference in building HP between factions
    - Range reduced, and damage adjusted

    - Most Landmarks have more levels now: you can get benefits from it sooner, but it will be weakened, and you need to invest more to have the full effect
    - Some military buildings have additional levels.
    - More buildings give specialized garrison
    - Smiths give bonus to armor, fletcher bonus to ammunition
    - Each level of building has its own icons (credits and many thanks to Spartan who kindly agreed to let me use his icons from this Building Progression mod)

    Unit Recruitment(*)
    - Each faction can recruit generic core units in any region, but they are a bit weaker
    - Each faction can recruit heraldic core units only in specific region. They are a bit stronger and have their own graphics, but they are capped.
    - Generic Special and rare units can be recruited in any region, but are capped and are weaker. Special buildings can allow increasing the capacity (ex: Building a dragon keep allows recruiting more dragons)
    - Unique special and rare units, the stronger one, can be recruited mainly in specific province, and are the stronger ones. They are also capped. They can sometimes be recruited in several provinces, but their cap is very low unless you control the proper provinces (ex: Swordmasters of Hoeth can be recruited in any Ulthuan region , but their cap comes mostly from controlling the Tower of Hoeth).

    -DrunkFlamingo's Closer to Table Tops recruiment mechanism integrated in the mod: units are classified as core, special or rare units, with a weight. Each army can have a maximum of 10 special and 5 rare weight of units. A full army (lord + 19 units) must integrate some core units: it is not possible to have 19 dragons in a single army anymore!
    This is however modified by the rank of the lord: low rank have less special/rage than 10/5, and higher rank can have more.

    Unit Stats(*)
    - Adjusted weapon (melee and projectile), mostly for damage/range. For HE and WE, elite version added for the elite units
    - Adjusted shields and armour.
    - Adjusted costs : heraldic units are better AND less expensive than generic units (but they are capped). Upkeep reduced for lord (10%), agent (20%) and heraldic units (20%). Other units stay at 25%.
    - Generic units have weaker leadership, attack, defense, and armor, and less men
    - High Elves have more levels of "martiallity" (martial training, expertise, prowess mastery)
    - High Elves are synchronized

    Unit graphics(*)
    - New icons and portholes for every units
    - Officers have their own graphics
    - New category icons, with more variety (spearmen with or without shields for exemple), and silver color for regular unit, golden color for elite units.
    - Heraldic units keep the colors and heraldic symbols of the region where they have recruited. While generic units have the colour of the recruiting faction.
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