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Thread: Europa Barbarorum II FAQ for EBII v2.35

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    Default Europa Barbarorum II FAQ for EBII v2.35

    Europa Barbarorum II FAQ

    Previous FAQs were open to comment, and eventually grew to 100+ pages, the sort of thread which nobody is going to page through in the hope of finding answers to their questions. Accordingly, the v2.35 FAQ is closed to comment and instead will serve as an updated repository containing only the answers to player questions.

    I. About the Project

    Europa Barbarorum II is a total conversion modification (mod). It covers roughly the same time period as the Imperial Campaign included with Rome: Total War, but made for use with Medieval 2 Total War: Kingdoms v1.05 (M2TW)

    Contrary to what the name might imply, Europa Barbarorum is not solely focused on barbarian factions. The name was derived from the roots of the project when our desire was to portray barbarians more accurately, but Europa Barbarorum goes to great lengths to portray all factions correctly, including Rome.

    II. Get the current EBII release (v2.35)

    Please see this thread for download links and information about the EBII v2.35 release. Please read the installation instructions carefully, and follow them EXACTLY.

    III. Player's Guide

    Almost everything you need to know about the game mechanics, the 28 factions (including what makes them all different), and helpful hints on how to play the game, are included in the 160 page Player's Guide, which is included with the EB v2.35 download. After installing the game, it can be found in the mods\ebii folder. EBII is a vastly enjoyable and immersive, yet complex mod, and you will flail about helplessly if you do not take the time to understand how everything works. Please, for our sake and yours, READ THE GUIDE!

    NOTE: For those who are petrified by the mere idea of such a long document, it's not as bad as it sounds:
    - The first 10 pages (actually 8) tell you how things work. You really should read this.
    - The next 3 pages discuss the 5 unit types (so you know what they do). It's 80% pictures.
    - The bulk of the guide (139 pages) contains specialized instructions for each of the 28 factions. You only need to read about the faction you are playing (4-7 pages, depending). So....not difficult.
    - The final 7 pages are installation instructions. You only need to read them once....but you DO need to read them!

    So you see? Not hard at all!

    IV. Technical Limitations of old Software

    It is common for players to encounter technical issues while using old software like M2TW. It was first released in 2006 and is only designed to address 2GB of RAM regardless of the player's actual hardware capabilities - and that limitation can cause stability problems with large mods like EB2. Please read this thread for more information on the topic.

    V. Bugs and Problems

    If you have difficulties with the installation or encounter CTDs ("crash-to-desktop") or inexplicable events (i.e. things not covered in the Player's Guide), please report them in this sub-forum. Over time, this section of the FAQ will be updated to list the most serious problems the player might encounter:

    1) Non-repeatable CTDs: If your games suffers periodic yet non-repeatable CTDs (i.e. the game crashes at different times, and you can't reliably get the CTD to repeat), this is usually caused either by an improper installation (loading EB2 on top of non-Kingdoms M2TW or Kingdoms v1.04 instead of v1.05 or not installing all required EB2 files) or a memory issue (the game is exceeding the 2 GB limit). Assuming the player has installed the game correctly, one solution is to save frequently and to periodically restart the game (which clears out "memory leak" detritus) while another is to "do your own research" for third party solutions after reading up on the 2 GB limitation.

    2) Long Path CTD: Also related to "old code" is an M2TW bug which can cause CTDs if the complete path to a file exceeds 128 characters in length. The team has made extensive efforts to reduce the length of file names, but players can still cause this bug by using a "too long" game installation path. Accordingly, your installation folder directory names should be as short as possible, f/e "C:/Games/EB2" as opposed to something like "C:/Games/Medieval Total War II updated to include EB2 and a host of other useless characters making the folder name ludicrously long".

    3) Corrupted Save Games: There is a known M2TW bug which results in corrupted "autosave" files. The solution is to turn off the autosave function and remember to manually save your games frequently.

    4) Horde Delay "Bug": When an AI faction with "can Horde" ability loses it's last settlement, it can take up to 30 minutes (on older machines) for the faction to complete the Horde process. This usually happens after the player hits the end turn button and the hourglass cursor will seem to spin endlessly during one of the AI faction turns. The solution is to wait.

    5) Numidian Portrait Bug: There are three mangled portraits in the mods\ebii\data\ui\cul_7\portraits\portraits\old\rel_b_generals folder, and they will cause a CTD for the Numidian player and anyone else who engages with an AI-Numidian FM using a bugged portrait. For a savegame compatible solution, please download the linked file below and copy the contents into the mods\ebii\data\ui\cul_7\portraits\portraits\old\rel_b_generals folder:

    6) Duplicate underage character biographies: This affects some of the underage characters in the Makedonian, Baktrian, Numidian, Sarmatian, Bosporan, Armenian, Ptolemaioi, and Getai factiosn. All are now fixed in the dev build.

    7) Recruitment Viewer does not display information for new units: Players can fix this by copying the export_units.txt file in mods\EBII\data\text to mods\EBII\data\text\txt. The recruitment viewer will now display the new unit description information correctly. For everything in the viewer to display properly, you need to follow a similar copy/paste procedure to update all files in the mods\EBII\data\text\txt folder.

    8) Javelin Infantry Battle CTD: By default, these units have the "Fire-at-Will" (FAW) button toggled "off" (not red). If players toggle it on, there can be a conflict between the FAW code and the prec code (which tells units to fire javelins at the enemy during a charge), and this can result in a CTD. The solution is to keep FAW in the default "off" position (these units are not to be confused with skirmisher units who have FAW toggled "on" by default)

    VI. Other media

    EB2 information can also be found on our website and by following us on Twitter or Facebook

    VII. Other issues not addressed above

    This section will be updated as (and if) issues arise that do not fall into any of the previous categories
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