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The general is better chosen by the script, otherwise the Carthage gameplay gets ludicrously reactive. You start at "State of War" with a general already at Syracuse. Only when his mandate is over (several turns without aggression) the slot will be vacant for you to manually chose your next general. Have in mind, though, you better have in mind BEFORE it happens who will be your general by checking their stats and making sure they are electable to the position in traits. If in that window you pick a candidate who is not electable, I believe, for that round of state of war, it will use the traditional Carthage election.
I'm fine with Hanno as the head general, I just wanted a couple of others as the, er..., not head general. Particularly since it looked as though Numida was going to break our alliance (advanced three stacks to one of my settlements, but then they got bored and wandered off. I kind of hoped they would, so I could kill of a couple of the older guys that are of no use to me). The game declared I was at peace, however, so I blockaded an Epirote port (we were still at war), and the next turn it gave one of the men in the capital a not head general rank.

Considering this is one of the few offices you have some active control, though, I like to keep my general (or candidate) always at the head of an army and either close to or moving towards the frontline. When the aggression starts, I will elect him via script and he will already be close to the action. Have in mind that, while the general trait offers many interesting bonii, and not having a general or lieutenant trait offers many maluses, the biggest additions and reductions are in the Command stat. While it is fantastic for auto battles and allows night battles, Confidence is overall more useful in the battlefield when fighting manually, and a veteran commander will be able to keep a very high Confidence even without an office.
Yeah, I just did not want to deal with the morale malus, that comes with the 'rejected general' trait.

Finally, regarding Atig, no idea. I find it a bit hard to grow these cities. I think you will either have to get a pop growth temple (Fertility or Agriculture) or keep governors there with Supervisor (Satisfied) or Humanitarian to fight off the Famine.
It seems to have fixed itself, it sat there for two or three turns at 5000, while saying .05% growth, but when I reloaded it started growing again.