Problems Launching BI mods via Steam?

The desktop shortcuts provided by most mods, which work for CD installations, do not work for Steam.

If you get an error message like 'horde_min_units feature is not supported' or 'file not found' issues.

Right click on the desktop shortcut provided by the mod - in 'properties' - you will see something like.

-mod:bi/fatw -show_err -nm -ne for window mode
-mod:bi/fatw -show_err -nm for non-window mode

More information is here. Copy exactly the bolded part.

Go to your Steam Launcher for the BI game and then in the general tab click 'Set Launch Options' and paste the above, e.g.

-mod:bi/fatw -show_err -nm -ne or -mod:bi/fatw -show_err -nm

Only change the blue part to what folder name the mod is installed in e.g VI2 for Viking Invasion II to vi2.

Then when you launch BI through Steam the mod will start (to resume vanilla BI just delete the launch option text).