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Thread: The last Stand of Greece

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    Default The last Stand of Greece

    Mod Name: The last Stand of Greece

    Mod Platform: Rome 2
    Release Status: Released
    Mod creator\team leaders: Gyrosmeister
    Mod team members:
    Mod Description: A Wrath of Sparta DLC scenario overhaul focusing on the events of the 4th Macedonian war and the Achaian war.
    Other info on mod: The Last Stand of Greece attempts to bring some lesser known wars of antiquity to life with Rome II, with historical accuracy being a priority, but not to a point where game play is damaged. Because of the later era, the mod offers diverser unit rosters compared to the vanilla DLC which have been continuously worked on with many new units added especially for this campaign to give each faction a as possibly distinct identity, with every faction having its own strengths and weaknesses. A reworked mercenary system gives certain provinces a higher strategic value, enticing the player to try and attack these provinces in order to compensate for his faction's weaknesses in order to build the best army possible. The recruitment times have been adjusted in an attempt to add a risk-reward factor (getting a full stack army as quickly as possible v waiting to recruit stronger units). New building chains allow for more variety when building your provinces. 9 historical characters are also included, allowing you to pitch Kings and Generals of that era against each other. Finally, with the adjusted recruitment times a new campaign mechanic and some AI tweaks, Rome can become a strong adversary to face at harder difficulties
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