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    So I'm fighting a campaign in North Africa, with an army consisting almost entirely of Viking Thralls and Armenian Cavalry (only level-one armor upgrade or they tire out in the desert sun). It really went down to the last man standing, who was my general, but I had to "halt" him from the fight at the very end, because if he'd gone down I would've lost! I didn't back him off, that would've killed troop morale, so he was right there in the thick of it. After the battle, -1 command -1 morale, lol! Not So Bold. This has to be my favorite vice in the game, now!

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    The short version:

    There are some traits you get (your general etc) due to certain actions in battle or otherwise. "Not So Bold" is not one among them - it is a randomly generated and applied vice by the game, regardless of your actions. And no, it can't be modded away...

    The long version:

    This is a randomly generated vice, not a battle-generated one. I have also received this vice myself under weird circumstances - despite having been explicitly brave (and many times too) with that unfortunate "target-general", and having plenty of valor to show for due to the fact. Its like this... Once our kingdom/empire became mighty enough in the game - a trigger kicks in - as in controlling a certain amount of land-provinces. You are "safe" with 10 or less provinces, but once you get more then that the triggers start to kick in. That trigger then randomly generates a bunch of vices which it then applies over bunch of turns on random generals of your faction. The "Not So Bold" being amongst the first bunch/batch. Almost, regardless of what you do. Usually, it is applied to a general that controls a big stack of troops - an important general basically...

    So, it has little to with what you have done in battle and all to do with how might your empire has become. Once a threshold is reached - I'm suspecting something like 15-20 provinces - you get the poor vices like this one. This is done to supposedly "even things out" as you are basically too successful in the game at that point and the game (or rather the CA-designers) punishes you for it. And it does that at an increasingly rate with more and more poor traits the stronger your empire becomes... Making vices becoming a real and annoying problem eventually (in the end). And no, it can't be modded away either...

    Personally, I think its poor design - one should never punish a player for successfully playing the game - regardless the excuses used for such designs. However, I am sure there are plenty of people who have different ideas and views on that, there always are...

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