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Thread: Non-elephant elephants CTD

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    Default Non-elephant elephants CTD

    Aka, trying to set a humanoid model as an elephant type mount. Back a few years ago this never seemed to cause problems, but with Steam RTW it causes frequent in-battle CTDs.

    Has anyone else seen this issue, and has anyone found a fix for it? It affects a lot of my old mods and I'd like to make a patch for them if anyone's found a solution. I can't seem to hit on any particular cause of it, which is the really frustrating thing - when I do a battle with them, it might crash out on me or it might not, and I can't seem to find any particular animation or action that obviously causes the error.
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    Default Re: Non-elephant elephants CTD

    I don't know if it's a Steam related issue but there is this thread in LotR that might be of interest

    on the "might crash out on me or it might not" watch out for if they're the unit with the general/captain or not - I've fallen for that one before eventually realising the with/without captain explained the apparently random problem

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