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Thread: [REQUEST] Info of the .PACK File Format Definition

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    Default [REQUEST] Info of the .PACK File Format Definition


    (To any admins/moderators, even though these SEEM like redundant identical threads, the tools I am working on have bearing on ALL TW games, so I could NOT just post it ONE game sub forum, as it would then likely miss a coder, that only really checks the game sub forum that he is interested in. I HAD to post this request in all sub section for the individual games using this file format, to be sure everyone sees my requesI. If I only posted it in the say "Rome 2" section I might miss VITAL information from another game's sub sections, so please DON NOT to merge my threads, add a disclaimer or something, but please don't merge them, I ask you humbly.

    The tools, IF finished will benefit the modding community greatly, and if the requests are just merged then the probability of me getting to info I need to finis these tool may be greatly diminished.)

    I am working on a series of tools to make it easier for modder to deal with the more technical stuff in general and focus on making great mods, I have the RMV2 file format pretty well locked down, but I have searched in vain for ANY definition of the .PACK file format.

    If there are any coders or anyone else that can help me on this point, I would be more than grateful, and any program that are helped into existence by that infot will credited in the program(s) themselves to people providing me with clues. My preferred language is C/C++, but in comprehensible definition, or even part definition will be welcome and also result and a credit.

    Thank you all in advance

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    Default Re: [REQUEST] Info of the .PACK File Format Definition

    As far as I know, there isn't a specification for the PackFiles format. In my case (I'm the guy who makes RPFM) I've learnt the format part by looking at PFM's code, part by investigating myself. The only specification I know is this one, and that's only valid for Arena PackFiles because those use encryption and extended headers. And it's a big unupdated. If you want to learn about it, you can check both PFM (C#) and RPFM (Rust) source code. Both are open source, after all, though RPFM only supports PFH4 and PFH5 (from Rome 2 to Warhammer 2). PFM supports all games since empire.

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