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Thread: The Dark Ages: Fall of the West

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    Default The Dark Ages: Fall of the West

    Fall of the West

    Mod Name: The Dark Ages: Fall of the West

    Mod Platform: Attila
    Release Status: 1.0
    Mod creator\team leaders: Athos187
    Mod team members: Three Eyed Crow, Rampante-Cid, Linuslinothorax, NateTheGreat1990, Thunder-Bear, DontFearMe
    Mod Description: An expansion on the the Dark Ages series to include the late Roman period. This new expansion will start with a base late Roman Empire military and economic system I am creating for the 356 AD update and which I will then use for other important eras including Constantine and the Tetrarchy, Diocletian and a redone vanilla 395 campaign among others. Using the Notitia Dignitatum, advice from Roman era historical experts like Castellan and research I have done I hope to create a new take on this period that focuses on recreating the historical realities of the military and economy of the late Roman Empire.
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    Download link(s): Google Drive: | Steam:
    Permissions: Permission by request only
    Wikipage: TBC
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