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    The Iron Age Trojstvo
    The Early Trinity
    The Trojstvo Trinity were a group of humans originally native to Hyperborea. It is unknown what specific part of Hyperborea they hail from, their linguistic tradition has few ties to other Hyperborean languages and their customs seem strange even among their cultural cousins.

    They revered the Trojstvo, which served as the name of their people and the name of their god(s). No one can seem to pinpoint the exact theological nature of this divine force, but we know that the Trojstvo is defined by three beings that we would know as Positive or Svetlina Light (life, white, progress, etc.), Negative or Temno Dark (death, black, regression, etc.) and Neutral or Zenina Neither (the void, gray, stagnation, etc.). Some believe that the three elements of the Trojstvo are merely aspects of a singular deity meant to highlight the diversity of the divine, others say they are three distinct deities that are bound to one another, others still say that the three aspects are distinct beings but that they are simultaneously a singular being. This issue would create major theological and political divides among their people, but in the early years it played no significant role in how their communities interacted.

    Instead of tattooing, like many other Hyperboric peoples were known to do, the first Trojstvo that traveled southward carved images of the holy triangle directly into their flesh. As three separate, but connected points the triangle represented the trinity of the divine. Some would carve these triangles on their foreheads, others would carve triangles into their teeth, some even covered their whole bodies in the markings. The more one had and the deeper the carving the more pious they appeared to be.

    Ever since the days of their mythic founder, the shepherd turned prophet Deimos of the Hills, the Trojstvo have despised magic. They view their kind as unnatural abominations and go to great lengths to keep them away from their borders and will go so far as to poison themselves with aetherium exposure to get even the slightest edge in combat against their significant abilities. The slaughter of magi is not merely a quirk of character, but a fundamental basis of their society, as per the contract by oath made between their prophet Deimos and their divine trinity.
    Dawn of a People
    The Trojstvo were fanatics, but this had not always defined them, before the became the Trojstvo legend says they were a minor tribal group living somewhere in central Hyperborea. Tradition calls this group the Prvo First, but analysis suggests that this name was retroactively given to their forefathers centuries after their departure from Hyperborea. Tradition holds that the Prvo were the first to feel the bite of the Izvalk Sonce Withered Sun, a climate shift heralded the end of the Bronze Age as it triggered a serious of cataclysmic events, a time of suffering when the winters grew long and the crops withered in the fields. Druids of the circles consulted the spirits, claiming that the gods were angered, but that they would surly restore their blessings in time. And so the people of the Prvo waited for many seasons as men, women, and children alike grew sick and died. Until a young shepherd boy, by the name of Deimos, was visited by the divine, the Trojstvo. The being(s) told him that the druids were wrong and that the sun would not return to the people, that evil spirits inhabited their bodies and that these demons were the source of their mythic arts (in fact that such demons were the source of all mystic arts in the mortal world), and that these spirits were sworn enemies of the Trojstvo. The Trojstvo said they would aid the Prvo in surviving this disaster, if only Deimos would slay the druids in their name and all that bore the foul mark of the demons. Deimos agree and the three aspects of the Trojsvto each imparted a gift to him to aid in the endeavor, Temno gifted him unparalleled skill with a blade so he might best them, Svetlina gifted him the secrets to resisting the magics of demons, and Zenina gifted him the sense to use both effectively. From there Deimos went to forge a blade of unmatched make, the sword Gladria with a heart of aetherium that sung to he who wielded the blade. Following the instructions of Temno he dusted himself with aetherium and one by one defended upon the druids, reaping a bloody crop from the circle and wiping them from existence. Once they had been removed Deimos returned to his people and informed them of the Trojstvo, and the lies of the druids, the people rejected his words and grew furious when he revealed that he had slaughtered the circle of druids to a man. The people seemed prepared to kill the young shepherd, or die in the attempt, before his divine patrons revealed themselves. The Prvo sheathed their blades in awe and the Trojstvo thanked Deimos for his service, and in exchange promised to shepherd the people of this tribe as Deimos had once shepherded his flock. Stoping the global climate shift was beyond even their power, but they would guide the people south toward a new home, and so their exodus had begun.

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