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Thread: Unused soldier dialogue in Empire?

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    Default Unused soldier dialogue in Empire?

    So, as most of you people know, Napoleon total war was the first game in the series to feature soldier to soldier interaction efter the battle deployment phase ends. Hundreds and hundreds of recorded lines when soldiers are idleing, marching, fireing and getting bombarded with cannon shells. It is an awesome addition to the game and really immersive!

    Empire unfortunately doesn't have this staggering array of sounds at its disposal, but while looking through both games sound files, I found that Empire acutally has almost the EXACT same sounds as Napoleon... they are just not being used in game.
    I know that Empire was rushed and many of the features did not make the final cut, but did they really leave ALL those sound files in the game's files and did not even utilize them?!

    So with that:
    Is it possible, in any way, to mod these sounds so Empire can actually use them during battles? Is that possible at all? Because I don't want to waste my time trying to make something work that is not moddable.


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    you can always try. there is no wrong in trying

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