It's been a while since I've played EB so I'm still running 1.21 and thought it would be fun to play the Romani for once. However, after a few turns I quickly noticed that my troops recruited in Rome itself carried the name 'Legio Auwjogotánoz'. All the other Italian provinces were fine, it was just Rome. After digging around on the board I found a small bug comment about it which was supposedly fixed in later version. I can only presume it's 1.31. I'm quite satisfied with my EB as it is, so I was wondering if this couldn't just be fixed with a few text edits. I noticed that in descr_regions Gotland is designated as 'Latium' and actual Latium as 'Latium2' for some reason, so it's probably linked to that. I tried messing around with those stats and it didn't seem to achieve much. Can anyone who's more versed at RTW modding give me a hand? It seems like such a minor thing editting-wise and it's immersion-breaking enough that it's annoying me. Much thanks in advance.