I'm trying to lightly modify my UI back to vanilla for my own personal pleasure (currently using a hosted mod).
Usually I've had not trouble swapping out frontend.bik and frontend2.bik files to change the main menu background image/movie.
But this time... I am stumped.
My replacement frontend.bik file isn't taking. And in all of the .pack files on the mod, I can't find another one.
So I'm left wondering WHERE is this image that I'm getting (sample below)? Is it a .bik file? Could it be a .tga or .ddl? What file usually governs the lookup address of the frontend.bik? Is this some sort of default image found in vanilla NTW, or one from the mod (NTW3)?

It's maddening to search through ALL of the mod's .pack files and ALL of vanilla's .pack files, and never find this image anywhere in them, and yet... there it is.

Thanks for any help.

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