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    Hello there, I was just wondering if anyone here is playing this addictive little game Fallout Shelter? I got it for the PS4 when I saw there was a free starter pack for download for PSplus members (probably still is), it seems to be a engine for getting microtransaction sales but does offer enough content without that if your patient is still fun though I admit to using some of my Gomezpeer money from paypal to buy two lunchbox packs (Gomezpeer recently shut down but before would pay you each month to use your pc as a server or something like that)

    Edit: I have started doing more quests and also found you can turn the game off and time will continue so if you have someone out exploring the wasteland they keep on going/collecting or will arrive to/from there quest destination, though as an incentive to keep you watching the screen the mysterious stranger pops up in different rooms/elevators and you can get upwards of a few thousand from him for free by finding/selecting him.

    All in all its starting to feel like one of those Tamagachi pets from the 90s on a larger scale, I don't mind having spent money I got for free anyways on it but wouldn't spend real cash, I went a little crazy getting my dwellers pregnant so now most famalies come from 3 older men who had high charisma though they sometimes take the mothers last name and im not sure if the game recognizes them as still being the child of that father so there may be some genetic issues down the line, just got past 80 dwellers last night and well into my 3rd generation of newborn dwellers on there way.

    I heard there was a similar Westworld game though haven't seen anything about it on PS4 (maybe because the makers are being sued for stealing code from Bethesda and just changing the art)
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