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Thread: Derc Plays Through World History (Current: Rome II - Imperator Augustus)

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    Default Re: Derc Plays Through World History (Current: Rome II - Imperator Augustus)

    Rome II
    Imperator Augustus


    (Click to view)

    The Gauls decided to stay loyal to Octavian and so they meet their end once more on the hands of the Roman Republic.

    Octavian then loses his belongings in the East. There was no resistance.

    Most of Octavians last settlements are taken. He relocated to Genoa.

    A young family member causes trouble at an inopportune time. He killed another boy and claims it was self defence. I try to back him, to no use.

    There is the "oh so glorious" heir of Caesar. Alone, out in my domain, the sea. He won't escape this time.
    My men set his vessel ablaze. Octavian now had to decide: Shall the fire take him or the sea?

    I did not get to know the answer and I also do not care. Only Marc Antony remains.
    Antony ... I have some personal business with you.

    Trade with the Brits is established. One tribe accepted, another one refused.
    However they want. It's their loss.

    I can understand the Triumvirs to some decree. The Republic has its disadvantages.
    While one is busy to win battles at the front, the backyard is already practicing the rebellion.

    I will not accept this!

    A bank in the senate does not remain empty for long.

    The Belgae think they can abuse our little civil war. They are wrong. Rome's borders are secure and just have expanded a little bit.

    The biggest part of Rome has been liberated but the people of Rome face ever increasing odds.

    I have not forgotten, and I certainly have not forgiven. Injustice has been done, to both Rome and to me.
    These Triumvirs! They underestimated the waves and paid dearly for it.
    I know what is good for Rome, and it shows!

    I reformed Rome with success but I'm far from done. Far from done.

    Rome's Legions are fearsome, and rightly so! It is, however, the navy that secured Roman conquest of the Mare Nostrum.
    I command the strongest navy in the world! Light and heavy ships alike, they proofed what they're worth. They will decide the outcome of my further tasks. If only my Admirals will not fail me.

    I know how to deal with traitors. This is their destiny!

    Oh, speaking of them ...

    📝 Authors Note
    Egypt betraying Antony in his most crucial hour? I like that!

    📕 History & Culture
    So, about Octavian aka Augustus. What he wanted is the most basic thing: strenghten himself while weakening the enemy. He wanted to secure Rome and also his own dynasty on top of it.
    The Senate was weak and corrupt, having hampered Rome more and more as it grew in size and influence. Caesar, Octavian and many others were sick of it and had their visions, a vision of an even stronger Rome where all important decisions are (mostly) managed by single person. The plebs were happy with Caesar, and there's a reason for it. His murderers were not paraded but chased away. Brutus died being branded king of all traitors for generations to come.

    I see a lot of parallels of the struggles back then and the political situation we are in today. If you want to be truly powerful, you need to centralize. Centralizing means taking away freedom, a cost deemed necessary. It is of no matter if you do it as a king, an emperor or as an dictator. It is also, technically speaking, of no matter if done under the curtain of false Democracy.
    If you don't need to rely on the consent of countless other people to do something, and you can simply just do it instead, then the governmental machine becomes all the more powerful. It also becomes all the more dangerous. What, if the boss is a madman and/or views you as an enemy. Well, we all know that.

    History vs has a nice summarization about Octavian.
    History vs Video

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    I am sure your latin teacher does not.
    I never had one.

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    0/10 unsubscribe.
    Glad you're gone.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alwyn View Post
    Glorious victories for the son of Neptune, indeed! I like the way that you're making this about restoring the Republic and defeating those who would be emperor.

    The screenshots of your attack on Rome are particularly good, it sounds like Pompey's men enjoyed a few well-earned comforts as they relaxed on their fields of victory. I'm intrigued by your hunt for Octavian. Battles on land and sea, city walls and triremes Pompey can master, but there's a Triumvir to manage here.
    Thanks for all these +reps, Alwyn . Octavian died in Pompey's realm, somewhere along the waves, handing himself to the god that betrayed him most, Neptune. Defeating him was way too easy.
    Two gone, only one to go. And what then...?

    Quote Originally Posted by Turkafinwë View Post
    The grand siege of Rome, as difficult as a walk in the park. Not the showdown people were expecting but then again most of the times things don't live up to their hype (look at GoT for instance ) I always found this disappointing about the AI of most TW games. They are hellbent on making the battles we want to be epic to be dull. Octavian is just a coward and doesn't want to confront the superior force that is Sextus Pompey who has just basked in the power of the Heart. A lovely gift from Lord Dagoth.

    That's is indeed the same experience I have had with Rome II, it's the perfect game if you mostly care for the empire-building part of the game and less about the battles. Pity because the graphics of Rome II are one of the best in TW history, in my opinion. Compare that to Medieval 2 and I almost always fight my battles manually because it is just so much better to do it that way. (especially with mods, don't really know for vanilla anymore it's been so long I played vanilla med 2)
    Well yeah. The devs listened to the request of the customers and made the battles much bigger and harder. Also slower. They take ages.
    This is ok but it really depends on what are your goals. If you want to conquer the whole map, then you don't have much time for that. Especially not as I can just roflstomp the enemy with autocalc and have my entire army replenished in two or three turns.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kilo11 View Post
    I must say, you did a lot in two years. Especially given that from the UI it looks like this is a 4 turn per year game, so you didn't have some much game time to do stuff in.
    Yeah, the Imperator Augustus campaign is 4 turns per year, just as in Shogun II. The Grand Campaign has 1 turn per year. That was funny because your units died so quick.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kilo11 View Post
    One thing that interests me is exactly how much play you have with the political situation. Are you actually setting the senate up as a real governing force in-game, or is this more just story-boarding the events on here? I am wondering how deeply Rome II lets you play around with the background stuff like political structures and whatnot.
    This was (mostly) just story, representing the capital shift back to Rome. There are some internal actions such as betraying, bribing, arranging marriage, adopting specific characters. There is also the option on provoking or preventing civil wars, given how you treat various political parties. If you do it wrong, as I did it in this very first Rome II campaign, you get your answer.
    It is mostly a button pressing minigame and once you figured it out, it can be a bit repetitive. Attila TW build up on it and enhanced the internal aspect quite nicely. Internal policies have become much better since the Ancestral Update.

    You just saw some internal mangling in this update. Expect more in the following updates. I failed quite hard here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kilo11 View Post
    Oh, and as usual, the obligatory "This was a great update!". I absolutely love the look of units and structures from Antiquity, and every screenshot from this game is eyecandy for me. If I may make a request, I would love it if you could post some images of a battle with one of the "barbarian" factions, provided you actually had such a battle and took screenshots. I'd just like to see some deep dark forests with hastati marching on pelt-covered axeman!
    Ty. Yes, of course. You'll see some later.
    I always forget to mention it: If any of you guys has a request, wanting to see a specific thing of the current game, just give me a holler.

    If I have no fitting screenshot, it's easy to reload the campaign and snap it. Always happy to trash some pesky Germans. Just give me a bit time and we'll have that.

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    Default Re: Derc Plays Through World History (Current: Rome II - Imperator Augustus)

    Wow. That was the saddest most inglorious end I could have imagined for Augustus, First Emperor of Rome. Just sitting on his ship twiddling his thumbs while the waves rose around him. But I guess you did it right by letting Neptune take him. That's some great symbolism there!

    I'm also psyched for some more battle images! The Rome II engine seems to be a treasure trove for mouth-watering battle pics!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dercus
    Glad you're gone.
    HAH! You wish.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kilo11 View Post
    Wow. That was the saddest most inglorious end I could have imagined for Augustus, First Emperor of Rome. Just sitting on his ship twiddling his thumbs while the waves rose around him. But I guess you did it right by letting Neptune take him. That's some great symbolism there!
    Indeed. I rate it the second or third most tragic drowning of an autocrat in this series.
    That's what you get for venturing into your archenemy's natural habitat - the C.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kilo11
    I'm also psyched for some more battle images! The Rome II engine seems to be a treasure trove for mouth-watering battle pics!
    If by water you mean blood, sure.
    I found Dercs pics were lately downright revolting. I'd rate them R for Republic.

    As for the historical background things: There's actually a bit more depth to that. Roman military successes meant lots and lots of slaves. Those immigrants slaves took the jobs of good hardworking patriotic AmerRomans, and this caused social frictions. The Roman Republic wasn't a democracy, it was mostly for the upper class, and they could be tough cookies when dealing with i.e. the Gracchi or also later against Caesar.

    Basically, Rome got divided into two factions: Populares vs Optimates, or: Populists vs Oligarchs. Marius, Caesar & Octavian were firmly in the populist camps, and they did do a lot of good for the common man, provided he was a Roman citizen and god forbid not a barbarian. Sulla, Pompey Magnus, Brutus & presumably also Sexus Pompey were champions for the rich.

    Which brings me back to your game. So you're the Roman Republic (SPQR), and the revolutionaries are the proletariat, wouldn't that make them the Socialist Roman People's Republic (SRPR)?
    Did they ever give you a list of their demands, try to negotiate? Because... Seceding from Pompeii seems like a reasonable idea to me.

    All in all an enjoyable read. Almost as perfect as the viri perfectissimi (=most perfect men) in the senate.
    Quote Originally Posted by Vince Gilligan
    I can't think of a movie where I like it that the bad guy gets dumb, because it's like I want the bad guy to be smart smart smart, so the good guy has to be even smarter!
    Please stop using politics as an excuse for bad writing.
    That being said: A deep philosophical take about god, Nietzsche, Marx & faith.
    Quote Originally Posted by Derc View Post
    So deep!
    Quote Originally Posted by Derc View Post
    A polished masterpiece!
    Quote Originally Posted by Derc View Post
    Hey! I never said any of those things!

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    Default Re: Derc Plays Through World History (Current: Rome II - Imperator Augustus)

    That was one pathetic civil war if I ever saw one. In little more than a year you managed to defeat them completely and you didn't seem to have suffered from it. You even expanded your borders during the civil war. (poor Belgae ) Thank god they changed it so you can have multiple civil wars. I remember when you only could have one civil war after which you could choose to become a empire or remain a republic. Seems like the Proletarii Collegium didn't have as much support from the people as they thought they had.

    Marc Anthony seems to have lost his greatest ally. Onwards glorious Pompey! The end of the false Tribunal Triumvirs draws near!

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    Default Re: Derc Plays Through World History (Current: Rome II - Imperator Augustus)

    Yes, the betrayal of Antony by his ally is an interesting twist. I wonder whether his allies will enable Antony's Rome to stand for long against Pompey, it looks as if Pompey's Rome is unstoppable.

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