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    Hello Guys,

    Been years since I played this game or checked out the mods. I was wondering if you guys have a consensus on what the best / most realistic mod out there is right now for ETW. Is it still Darthmod? Things I am most interested in:

    -Good AI that can move in formation and manage some kind of line of battle (the bane of all ETW).
    -Realistic effects and sound, no tracers
    -Realistic infantry behavior and range

    I guess I just want to know what everyone is playing these days and why as well.

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    Imperial Splendor

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    I see three main options.

    1. Imperial Destroyer. This mod is an overhaul made by one of Darth's team members, and features pretty much the same changes and then some. Unique stuff too, like the only ETW mod to ever unlock uninhabited regions on the map for conquest.

    2. Empire Realism. This one is more light and low key, focusing mostly on the battlefield experience. You get an entirely new morale and cohesion system that does a far better job of approximating real 18th century tactics.

    3. Vanilla and pick standalone mods. This is the one that I favor. You can build your own overhaul using small specific mods for combat, campaign, units etc. A good start would be the Bran Mac Born AI pack for ETW, together with Additional Units Mod.

    Honorable mentions go to Imperial Splendor and Darthmod of course. I haven't personally played IS, but I like the extreme attention to history and detail.

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    JaM usually comes up with the best battle mechanics for Warscape and he knows how to work around the engine's shortcomings.
    Empire Realism rewards you with great 18th century battles and all troop types have strengths and weaknesses you have to know in order to maximize your chances at victory. The mod has incorporated a better AI and gets rid of projectile traces.
    My Mods:
    RCM 2 for Medieval II Total War Kingdoms
    A battle realism mod for all four Medieval II Total War Kingdoms campaigns

    Shogun II Total Realism
    A realism mod for Shogun II, Rise of the Samurai and Fall of the Samurai

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    I'm surprised no one has mentioned Darth Mod Empire TW.

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