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Thread: Completely lost with all the versions, need halp

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    Default Completely lost with all the versions, need halp

    Can someone elaborate what all the versions are for? It seems to me that they all represent different time periods but which is the definitive version i.e. the most fleshed out and balanced version?

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    Default Re: Completely lost with all the versions, need halp

    All right, here is a complete list and status of the mods
    -catw01: The most ancient (never publicly released, 2007), completely overhauled 2019, now 01.5: Vanilla models & new textures, new units & factions 264 BC campaign (100% but still improving with features to be ported on catw05)
    -catw02: Intermediary version, buggy and not modfoldered (should not be available)
    -catw03: First public release: 270 BC campaign, Roman families or unified Rome, vanilla map, new roster, mix of RTW, BI and and Alex (100%)
    -catw04: Improved 03, 280 BC feat. Pyrrhus & the Gallic Balkan invasion, unified Rome and new factions. Same roster as above (95%)
    -catw05: Most fleshed-out version, based on catw 1.1 (i know this order feels strange) 300 BC MM map, last, best roster, new factions. (100%)
    -catw06: Same as catw 05 but 220 BC Illyrian campaign, feat. the Greek Bactrian Kingdom (about 50% complete)
    -catw07: Same as above, but featuring Arminius and Roman Empire max extension in Germania, 9AD (about 15% complete)
    -catw08: Same as above, feat. the Mithridatic wars, 88 BC and at least 9 new factions. The most ambitious so far (about 15%)
    -catw09: Catw01.1 playable (base started)
    -catw1: Best known public release, now unplayable on steam (campaigns)
    -catw2: Completely overhauled and reworked version by Z3N and Anarchon, you can call it your most fleshed-out version, but the campaign does not work on STEAM.
    -Alexandros: Based on the previously released "alex skinpack"). Basically starting with King Philip (90%)
    Note: I'm currently trying to integrate all these sub-campaigns (06, 07, 08) into the current catw05, with the limitations caused by factions (so some will be unplayable). So most fleshed out, new version fully playable (campaign too) of the mod, is currently catw05.

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    Default Re: Completely lost with all the versions, need halp

    Dear cocobongo,

    I am a bit lost with your explanation of the status of the different CATW submods. My preferred one would be CA08 due to the period, but I understand it’s « only » (sorry, don’t take this « only » for a criticism) 15% completed? WRT to version you indicate the most finished, CA05, I can’t even find it.

    So very difficult to understand, maybe a series of link (at least to CA05) could be added?

    Thank you very much, best regards,


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