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Thread: Stainless Steel 6.3 bug

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    Ok the game seems to work pretty fine. But I have two problems:

    1) Every time some enemy besieges me on one of my citadels and I click to play the battle myself, the game crashes (CtD). That doesn't happen when I play a custom battle. Also, I didn't have the oportunity to besiege an enemy. I already installed the bug fix in another thread but it didn't do anything.

    2) I can't upgrade my guilds to headquarters. I trained plenty of priests, thiefs, assasins, etc but I can't upgrade to their guil headquarters. The same goes for the swordsmiths guild etc.

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    1)we did this in pm, but let me know if that worked, think its the files in 'virtual store' almost certainly causing this.

    2) only one hq per world, ai with growth bonus usually gets it b/c citadels/huge cities are hard to get quickly for human. If you destroy it first you can then get it for yourself in your cities.
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