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Thread: CTD Crash during Sassanids Turn

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    Default CTD Crash during Sassanids Turn

    I'm having a rather particular CTD problem in my developing RO mod. It seems the Sassanids crash when under AI control around turn 2 or 3 when playing the Alemanni. But when playing any other faction there is no CTD by the Sassanids.

    In have tried checking the traits/ancillaries files and in fact am playing without any triggers. Have checked the DS file and the EDU, EDB files and cannot find any faults. This seems to be a recent CTD in my mod.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: CTD Crash during Sassanids Turn

    I dunno much about modding in RTW, but could the cause be that you play without triggers. Have you tried to play with triggers?

    Another factor that might be the reason for a CTD is that you have other mods installed and not having a clean vanilla game. Not saying you have, but it could be related to another installed mod.
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    Default Re: CTD Crash during Sassanids Turn

    Try limiting character movement to 0 in the descr character. See what happens on the turn?

    They may be moving to an incorrect location.
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