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Thread: International Fishermen Wars

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    Default International Fishermen Wars

    A lot of the rivalries that we see today probably start with fishing rights... and the border disputes or the shrinking numbers of fish due to overfishing.

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    Default Re: International Fishermen Wars

    A lot of the rivalries that we see today probably start with fishing rights... and the border disputes or the shrinking numbers of fish due to overfishing
    Over fishing is a problem in general even inside of territorial waters by the locals. That more immediate issue you have cited is bickering about economic exclusion zones. Take the Canada/US post. Both the US and Canada have imposed radical fishing limits to try and save the cod and other formally rich fishing stocks. At cost to both their traditional fishing economies and voters. So yes that is an over fishing issue and both the US and Canada are of course testy about anyone drifting in or just being off course etc. Economic zones are the generally understood ones and you just found an enforcement dust up which than goes to...

    The South China Sea.

    The Whale here is not over fishing but China's aim to base economic exclusion zones off a vast amount of unrecognized/conflicted claims to the South china sea. The US and Canada might show fishermen out and might be overzealous at that on occasion. If you dig a bit for USA/Canada the link is matched by similar incidences around the Salmon harvest all along the WA/Canada/Alaska coast - that don't involve shooting and they don't involve the US or Canada making islands of the other coasts.

    For the Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, etc to allow illegal fishing has the potential to invalidate a claim China wants to own for real not just fishing. JRRT once wrote "A king is he who can hold his own". China is pushing everyone around them that means everyone has to push back China and everyone else. Its political first, fish second.



    On research the US Canada indecent had nothing to do with fish. The fact is was Boarder patrol and not USCG (who actually can navigate) was the clue. The Boarder patrol does not enforce issues like fishing. Rather under the Yam they have gone all cowboy are were looking for illegals and apparently cannot read a map or their GPS.

    So fishing is just one aspect of the question about if China's not kosher view of the oceans about it will stand. In the US and Canada no war is the offing (just a tariff one) and US immigration officials let off their leash.
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    Default Re: International Fishermen Wars

    So yesterday French fishermen attacked a British fleet 1/4th their number and lost? French history repeats.
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    Default Re: International Fishermen Wars

    Closed pending improvement from the OP. Any thread in the Mudpit needs to concern a specific recent event, to be supported with an English article from a respectable source and also unique commentary explaining the aspects of the issue.

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