Mod Name: AAA: Aging, Advancing, Acclimatising

Mod Platform: Total War: ROME II
Release Status: Released
Mod Creator: Benjin
Mod Team Members: Magas of Cyrene
Mod Description: The goal of this mod series is to implement dynamic appearances for all faction's / culture's campaign characters (Generals, Politicians, Agents etc) to Total War: ROME II. These campaign characters will dynamically change their appearances based on their age, rank, what climate they're in and which campaign is being played. This will bring in a whole new level of visual immersion and bondage to the player's own characters and to their opponents.
Other info on mod: The mod is currently a series of individual releases which are constantly being updated. Once all Generals / Agents have been covered, the mod will be merged into one package as a direct download (too big for Steam Workshop).
Forum link(s):
Download link(s): AAA Generals: Rome, AAA Generals: Rise of the Republic
Permissions: Permission by request only.