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Thread: Male Spies For Romans / Greeks

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    Default Male Spies For Romans / Greeks

    Makes both male and female spies available for Roman and Greek factions to increase appearance diversity. The new male variants use new voices, which differ slightly according to their culture and / or faction.


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Originally, CA planned to implement a male spy variant for the "civilized" faction groups (i.e. Romans, Greeks - the concept art for him can be found here), but they didn't implement him for some reason. This left only the female spy populating their spy appearances. This mod re-implements the male spy properly, along with his two hidden voice over sets that were buried in the game's files, to bring some more diversity to the Roman / Greek spy appearances.


    • Female spies will still spawn for the Romans / Greeks.
    • The mod works for all campaigns featuring Roman / Greek factions.
    • The new voice overs change based on which culture or faction you're playing (e.g. if you're playing as Rome and deploy your spy in a province, he will say "Protecting Rome's secrets". Or, if you're playing as a Greek faction, you will sometimes hear him make reference to some of the Greek gods, such as Hades).
    • Some of the male variants will spawn with face plates, which were occassionally used historically in an attempt to conceal the wearer's identity and to intimidate their opposition.

    Works with all mods (e.g. Divide et Impera).

    This mod can be safely enabled / disabled mid-campaign. This mod is intended to work with the Ancestral update (patch 20).
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    Default Re: Male Spies For Romans / Greeks

    Thank you for the mod, Benjin! It's always good to have a bit of diversity.

    Pity, though, that Carthage isn't included here as I've just started a new campaign with them.

    Still, I'm certianly going to try this mod in my next campaign with either Romans or one of the Hellenic factions.

    EDIT: later on I noticed acutally that Carthage already has recruitable male spies, so please ignore my comment above
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    Default Re: Male Spies For Romans / Greeks

    Neat reveal; apperently he who search shall find, in the dusty ol' files

    Kingdom of Lindon preview video out

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