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Thread: The Shadow And Flame - Fall Of The Dark Lord

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    Default The Shadow And Flame - Fall Of The Dark Lord

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: What's the topic of this mod?

    A: This is an overhaul/super WIP project for modders who wanna work on such mod on S2TW. This is an overhaul mod according to Last Alliance of Tolkein's Lord Of The Rings fantasy series stories. This is as a WIP mod at the moment but maybe becomes a real powerful project!

    Q: Why we start such mod while RoM Attila mod exists?

    A: the reasons why we propose such mod in spite of Rise Of Mordor mod for Attila are:

    1. S2TW has better modding than Attila.

    2. S2TW has campaign map modding which is missing from Attila for ever.

    3. S2TW has the same battle & campaign graphic mechanics.

    and many other reasons like unmodable Attila movies and so on... .

    Q: This mod is forbidden by CA?

    A: We know such fantasy mod is almost forbidden by CA's players agreement, but it's not something to relevant us not to create fantasy mods maybe CA when sees these mods make players to come back to shogun 2 & buy it permits modders officially. At least most likely we may not have a steam version of this mod but it isn't prevent us to play multiplayer.

    Q: What's our plan now for the mod?

    A: Well, now the main plan for this mod is to work on custom battles & prepare it firstly, so we need 2ِD artists, 3D artists & specially animators, & also I'm side by side specially in the artwork tasks.

    Q: What's our plan for Shogun 2 animations?

    A: As we know, Shogun 2 animations are absolutely modable an we could add custom animations, dear Havie wrote a useful tutorial about it and according to it we are able to add new animations in the game! The main reason that modders leave Shogun 2 modding is the animations but we could solve it simply.

    Q: What's our plan for campaign map?

    A: Also Shogun 2 campaign map is completely modable like Medieval 2 TW, and we have the best experienced map designer such as Uanime5, he's the author of Shogun 2 campaign map tutorial series. Another thing is that we should postpone the campaign map modding until release of TW 3 Kingdoms, we don't know probably this upcoming CA game will have the mapping tool like Shogun 2, so we may transfer the mod to this game, we don't know, we should see because may this game has the better potential to be the base of the mod!

    Q: How can you join us?

    A: Use this discord link who want to join the development group, I'll say to Total War modders and specially Shogun 2 modders respectful Greetings:

    We have Visitor Fan role in our Discord server so you can join even if you aren't a modder.

    Thank you.

    To see the more info and showed stuff:

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    Default Re: The Shadow And Flame - Fall Of The Dark Lord

    On MODDB I published first information about campaign map

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sara Temer View Post
    On MODDB I published first information about campaign map
    Saw your project. Congrats guys. This is good for the Shogun 2 modding community and gives more attention to this wonderful game.

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    Default Re: The Shadow And Flame - Fall Of The Dark Lord

    Thread reopened. The posts that need to be deleted have been.

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