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Thread: Kings of the Golden Hall

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    Default Kings of the Golden Hall

    "And some things which should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth."

    - Galadriel

    The purpose of this thread is to honor those Third Age hotseat players who have proven victorious in the lands of Middle Earth. We will also include those who have won hotseat awards. Whether through domination or cooperation with their allies, these individuals have won honor for their factions and the respect of their enemies. In the words of Aragorn, "deeds will not be less valiant because they are unpraised." Yet, Gaming Staff feels that these players are deserving of recognition.

    If you believe there is information missing or incorrect on the list, feel free to message any member of
    Gaming Staff to have it updated.


    Hotseat Awards Winners

    Yearly Award Winners

    Most Feared Warlord: Mithridate (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016), VentosMustel (2017)

    Most Chivalrous Commander: Dux (2013), Diablo Del Sur (2014), FrostySOTF (2015, 2016), Captainnorway (2017)

    Most Dreaded Commander: Guy With No Imagination (2013), Uriyaca (2014), Alertoverlord (2015, 2016), Ramble12 (2017)

    The Best Hotseat admin: Dux (2013), Ice Eyes (2014), SoulGamesInc (2015), Jadli (2016, 2017)

    Most Promising Youngblood: Diablo Del Sur (2014), Silenced Ape (2015), Zender9 (2016), Hannibal2001 (2017)

    Best Diplomat: Badger Dude (2014), SoulGamesInc (2015), Parafix (2016), HannibalExMachina (2017)

    Most Helpful user: FrostySOTF (2015)

    Funniest User : Riverknight (2015)

    Best Roleplayer: A Man (2016), paladinbob123 (2017)

    Most Constructive User: Saleska2 (2016)

    TWC Member Awards (2016)
    - Best Writer - SoulGamesInc

    TWC Member Awards (2016) - Best Hotseater/Multiplayer - Mithridate


    Hotseat Winners

    Third Age Total War 3.1 Hotseat #3 - Nice
    The Battle For Middle Earth - Hotseat Campaign [TATW 3.2] - Nice
    Young Bloods of Middle Earth hotseat [3.2 TATW] - Joerock22,Chanky,Arrow2daknee
    The Age of Men... is over! - Nice,Aldor
    The Big Four Hotseat - Joerock22, Chieftain Khuzaymah
    [Small HS] Eastern steppes - Matto16
    The Free Peoples - Arrow2daknee,SoulGamesInc,Chieftain Khuzaymah
    [Small HS] The Beacons of Hope - Themzr,Invidiarum
    The Two Towers - Joerock22
    Shadow of the North Hotseat [3.2 TATW] - Matto16,Chieftain Khuzaymah
    The Two Towers II - Hotseat Campaign - Chieftain Khuzaymah,JWANT
    War of the Ring [TATW 3.2] - Ranger,Chieftain Khuzaymah,PandaChef,Matto16,TheBlackWolf,Captain Melon
    [HS] Shadow of the North II (3.2 TATW) - Joerock22,PandaChef,JWANT,Chieftain Khuzaymah
    [HS] The Free Peoples II - Joerock22
    Young Bloods IV - pulkownik
    [HS] Action on the Anduin - Dragon.,Joerock22
    Young Bloods V - Adanedhel,pontyak
    [Gaming Staff HS] New Bloods I - TheGeneralissimo,elghazi,Elaran
    JWANTS BALANCE PATCH 0.2 HOTSEAT 1 - themegosh,Captainnorway,SirCumFrance
    JWANTS BALANCE PATCH 0.21 HOTSEAT 2 - Kilicarslan33,Arrow2daknee
    [Gaming Staff HS] The Fellowship of the Ring - Adanedhel
    Young/Middle Bloods VI - Themzr,LordPureLegacy
    War of the Wizards [2vs2 HS] Good vs Evil - Joerock22,potatoto
    [Gaming Staff] An Hour of Wolves and Shattered Shields - Belthasar Bolton, Captainnorway
    Of Forests & Fire: War in the North - Jadli

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