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Thread: Steph's Warhammer Overhaul - Recruitment Diversity (SWO-RD)

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    Default Steph's Warhammer Overhaul - Recruitment Diversity (SWO-RD)

    Mod Name: Steph's Warhammer Overhaul - Recruitment Diversity (SWO-RD)
    Mod Platform: Warhammer II
    Release Status: Beta version end July 2018
    Mod creator\team leader: Steph
    Mod team members:
    Mod Description: SWO-RD aims at adding more flavor, immersion and variety to the game, by adding new units, a regional recruitment system with units with local uniforms and heraldry.The best units are limited both in number and places where they can be recruited to increase the importance of key provinces, and keep more balanced armies.
    Other info on mod:
    Forum link:
    Download link(s):
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