Hey all, I stopped playing a year or two ago when we had a different encyclopedia, and now I'm trying to figure out some of the things that have changed, one of which is army traditions tree.

I understand that a lot of the stuff was moved into the game like building trees, but I couldn't find anything that made sense of the army tradition changes. when I left it was still the melee/spear or skirmisher traditions as the first choice, and now I see some can have dread charioteer, or dread forest ambusher, or inexorable horde as a first choice, but I can't find anywhere that actually shows a proper tree for each faction, and some places like honga.net are even worse off than when I left (I know rome had indomitable legionnaires, and the successor states had companion at least, and it's obviously incorrect on honga.net now)

Can anyone point me to a place where I can find this information in a clearer manner than http://r2enc.totalwar.com/en/traditions which doesn't seem to be organized at all.