Recently Kroxigors got a buff (missile resistance 15% and a bit more health).
However they still feel very under-performing when compared to various dinosaurs or other similarly priced monstrous infantry from other factions.
Often i see no real reason to invest in unlocking Kroxigors (tier 4 tech building) when i can just get dinosaurs at tier 3 and 4 for less or equal gold).

The main problem i feel is the horrendous Rampage, as well as their low Melee Defense and Melee Attack (improved vs infantry thanks to their bonus).
If Rampage activates as it often does the enemy player can tear your Kroxigors to shreds with a flanking anti-large attack and you can't give any order to your Kroxis.
Even if Kroxis are surrounded by your saurus/skinks they will suffer massive loses during rampage from anti-large attackers.

Additional issue i feel is that Kroxigors lack any interesting beneficial traits (passives).
If Kroxigors were given Regeneration or Strider that would give them more identity and uses compared to alternative dinosaurs.
Other potential traits could be Frenzy or Armor Sundering, again something that makes them uniquely useful in lizardmen's arsenal.
Due to their massive size and the "death-roll" attack crocodiles use, perhaps Croxigors could do some splash/cleave damage?

Either way right now compared to Feral Bastiladon (650g tier 3) and various Stegadons the Croxigors just feel like a useless weak appendage for Lizardmen armies.
Their Rampage, low Melee Defense, poor Melee Attack versus non-infantry and lack of unique traits makes them look like an inferior unit compared to other monstrous infantry and dinosaurs.