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Thread: Ashlander Daedric Worship Submod for 1.42

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    Default Ashlander Daedric Worship Submod for 1.42

    Hello Dunmer fans of ES,

    I have some changes for the unofficial patch 1.42 that are ready for release!

    Ashlander Daedric Worship Enhanced (and Orcs!)

    The Ashlanders, as a Daedric cult who praise Azura, Mephala and Boethiah in regular tradition now have the ability to recruit a few lore-specific daedric units from their religious shrines. Shrines have also had minor increases in terms of happiness, health bonus, and religious influence on their regions. All units have somewhat high religious recruitment requirements.

    Units Available:
    Scamps - All over Vvardenfell ashlands/wastes, easy to conjure for Ashlander conjurers and turned towards war
    Dremora Churl Mages - Magic variant lesser daedra sent by the 3 Daedric gods
    Dremora Caitiff - Also common in the Vvardenfell ashlands/wastes, and so for lore purposes affiliated with the 3 daedra the Ashlanders worship most
    Dremora Valkynaz - Boethiah's most elite fighters come to embrace the glory of battle and the overthrow of the authority of the Tribunal Temple!

    Also included are my color changes for houses Redoran, Hlaalu, and Telvanni.

    *Updated - Orcs are now able to recruit scamps and churl mages as well, but in mages guild settlements only.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    *File Removed for Edits*

    If you want only the color changes on the campaign map, download the separate descr_sm_factions.txt. It is already bundled in the .7zip Ashlander file.


    I am also considering making the Nerevarine available to the Ashlanders, and/or making any faction who "accepts" the Nerevarine into their faction becoming a Daedric faction (as they would be inclined to leave the worship of the false Tribunal gods, ahem, Nerevar's murderers....)

    If I have the time, I'd do a script that destroys the Tribunal religion once Vivec/Mournhold/Necrom/Red Mountain are all in the hands of the player's faction. It would also convert all dunmer factions into daedric worshippers, as their false tribunal gods have been overthrown and they have returned to the old ways!

    Also up for any other lore-relevant ideas for this region, or others if you know them well. Input/suggestions really appreciated!
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    Default Re: Ashlander Daedric Worship Submod for 1.42

    Amazing work!

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