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Thread: [Feedback] Suggestions & Improvements thread

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    Is it normal that the entire map is revealed if you play with Romans? As in all factions are in the diplomatic screen, there is no fog of war.

    If yes, then why? It really makes the beginning tedious with the stupid CAI offering annoying proposals, declaring war from the other half of the map, and scrolling through the diplomacy screen is a huge pain, and then the AI turn phase takes forever...
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    It's bugged. Be nice if we got an update as to what is going on, been awhile.
    Shogun 2, no thanks I will stick with Kingdoms SS.

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    Ohh, sorry then. I guess its better to wait it out? Or is it a random bug and I can just restart the campaign? Cause I a few days a go I started a Macedon campaign and it didn't had that problem.

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    Formation Testudo is possible to look like in Rome 1 ?
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    Hi all. Great mod, my only beef with this mod (besides of the actual constant CTD's with all factions I played so far) are the seabattles.

    The creative system that is implemented now makes seabattles a tactical unsolvable nightmare and a huge mess, with many unnecessary losses and breakes any immersion at once. The problem is you can only attack 1 out of 3 ships - because 3 ships represent only 1 formation of troops. This leads to the situation that only 1 ship can really be attacked, the other 2 are totally ignored, killing any tactics quickly, creating a mess. Its just no fun like this and I'm hoping you change this back to "1 troop - 1 ship", as it is standard. Thx for your passionate modding!

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    I would be remiss if I didn't say how much this mod inspired me to relive the glory days playing as Res Publica Romana. Thanks for that.
    I don't know if my suggestions are falling on deaf ears as this mod seems to have stopped development; I completely understand it as a massive undertaking (I lurked waiting for it's release since it was announced) and people have lives they must live. On the optimistic chance that someone is still looking for suggestions, I have compiled here a list of my grievances with my 380 turns as Rome.


    • Lack of historical characters after the startpos. I have a family tree I have to scroll across multiple times to reach one end to the other, filled with fictitious nobodies. Obviously even historians don't have adequate data on families to provide a fiction-less free game, but there does not seem to be an implementation past the startpos to add historical figures. I have reached far past Gaius Marius' reform year, and he doesn't even exist in my playthrough. In my recollection of Rome 2, they at least made these characters arrive at their years of service; granted much easier in a game without family trees mucking the existential problems of spawning Caesar into existence without a knowledgeable line of predecessors. If they could be added to the character pool somehow at the very least, so we can play with the legends of the time period. I don't feel compelled to wait for historical shifts like researching Augustan troops if the Caesars will never spawn into existence. Perhaps in future, new start positions later into the Republic. Getting to the Empire stage of the game is a right slog at current pacing. The first 100 turns I was on pace with history but I very quickly started to expand the Republic too quickly as research is too quick, economy is too strong, and the AI is too weak.

    • The incessant CTD are tedious. Understandable, but nonetheless. Luckily, most of mine were experienced in turn rotation and not too many during battles (one during my Battle of Zama which almost made me give up on the mod right then and there!)


    • The war reparation script is a welcome step in the right direction, however besides the denarii getting delivered to my coffers, the choices don't make any difference. I harshened the reparations the entire 50 years and was declared war on by Carthage 10 times. The only time we actually were at war was a turn after they ended when I declared war on them.

    • Frustratingly a pack of Cimbri randomly found themselves on my doorstep (50 years early unfortunately) and sacked Rome. I couldn't figure out why they were so powerful in auto resolve until I entered the field. Somehow 5 Cohors (from Attila WRE) entered their ranks. It's impressively hard trying to kill a unit which has triple combat modifiers of your Principes!

    • It would be a nice submod if you gave bonuses to the AI of major factions for people who want a less Alternate History gameplay, so they can face challengers like Macedon, Parthia, and the barbarians later in the game after the Punic Wars. So far this mod is an exceptionally good Second and Third Punic Wars campaign, but after that it turns into your vanilla TW; mass a few armies and steamroll the AI who can's establish themselves even after 200 turns.

    • Lack of Admiral traits, and navies as a whole, are disappointing. There isn't a line to go down with an Admiral that feels worthwhile; making Navies feel disappointing to make. Ironically they're highly overpowered in auto resolve, and drastically underpowered in actual battles. I took much of the Levant with three navies only, as my armies tried to catch up. But when I tried to fight the battle of Alexandria, the Harpax Hexaremes don't attack other ships (faulty Harpax launcher...) and the 16 ballistae Quinqueremes had the aim of the Scout Troopers from the last episode of the Mandalorian (sorry for the crossover, its really bad in other words if you're not into Star Wars!) 16 and they only managed to break down one wall.

    • Food is a weird one, and I think you guys know it. Won't even go into large detail, it just doesn't feel good that's for certain.

    • The step towards trying to make Foederati states and Tribute states is nice and all, but limiting the needed buildings like Courts to only State Civitas makes the late game highly tedious. It does say a rank 5 Allied state can make Municipal Government buildings, but it must be bugged because it would not let me on the three settlements I had like that, I had to convert them to State Civitas. I'd much rather see more reliable Client/Puppet/Vassal state system that is controlled by the AI, without the current system of warmongering satellite states that get you right into another war the second they capitulate. If a system could be developed that attributed their territory to your outline, but let the AI decide building and tax rate, public order etc. Maybe this is too advanced for current systems. I'll just have to hope for future Rome games like so.

    This is all I can think up of the top of my head so far. I hope to hear news from the mod team on future developments. I tried Rome 2, but Attila's game systems are just so much better I want this mod to work so much! Appreciate all your work!

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    Loving this mod. Haven't sunk so much time into TW since Shogun 2 FOTS. Although it's not update after reading the guide in the resources thread I've a much better understanding of the mechanics of the game and finally making some progress.

    Thanks you so much for your work so far. I can't make a y suggestions as yet but will in time.

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    Hello! Thanks for the mod.
    I suggest to do something with adoption system cause now you can adopt nearly the whole pool of generals minus one and gravitas points are more than enough for doing that.

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    I noticed that most units have faces from Rome 2, and was wondering if it is possible to use Attila faces instead? They all suffer from the LOD of the faces, even in when Unit Detail is set to quality. I would prefer not to play on Max Quality as it is decreases performance even on my 2080ti. Attila generally did a better job in Unit details department, unless changing to Attila faces would be too difficult/not high enough priority. That's all, I'm having a blast as Rome right now!

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    Perhaps one more point I'd bring up is the AI seems to use reserves for the first 20 seconds of the two armies meeting, then proceeding to throw all of them in right after. This has pretty much allowed my cavalry to defeat their cavalry, then circle around and score over a hundred kills in a single charge, often routing multiple units. If they had reserves for the entire fight, they could have defended against that. They seem to do this regardless of whether they outnumber me or not.

    I'm aware this is a major TW AI issue though so it probably isn't fixable with mods. Either way this mod is still kicks serious ass. The custom cities in the campaign map are especially amazing.

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    Thanks for the great mod!
    I don't want create a new thread, so write my question here.

    What needs to be done to play as Ta-Shemau?
    I want to play as real Egyptians.
    Thanks for answer!

    p.s.This applies to all countries that people want to play for, like Gortyna, Kush, etc...

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    Hi, a suggestion about the agents. I don't know if it can be done, sure i would like. My suggestion concerns the Roman faction, for the other factions the effects will be similar :
    SPECULATORES they are the classic spies (with the possibility to kill enemies?)
    FRUMENTARII they collect food for the army, their presence in a region (friend or enemy) reduces greatly the suffering of an army.
    MEDICUS heal the injured, therefore their presence in a region reintegrating the army rows.
    To encourage the use of agents i would increase their skills, otherwise the risk is that they are "forgotten".

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    It's a wonderful mod but i want one thing, less missiles unit in ai army

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    hello , I sew in other mod they make every city have 10 slot for buldings ,is it possible to do that in this mode as well?
    Another question would be whether you plan to make a new map, a big one, where there would be more cities than there are now?
    Thank you.

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    Hi! Nice mod but I have a question. As Ptolemies how do you unlock the elite units!?
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    Are there any plans for adding a liberation option or at least giving rebels their own faction? I find that the number of factions severely drops and I run out of areas to easily conquer making the games stagnant.

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    I really love this mod! It brings back the good old memories from Total War Rome, from my teenage years! The music the units everything!

    Can someone tell me what building I need or what I need to be able to recruit Spartan hoplites for the Achaean League?

    I've figured it out. Barracks level 3.
    There is a bug with the game as if the building browser does not list spartan hoplites as available unit for the level 3 barracks. On the other hand if you build it and check it as the next available building from a building slot it does.
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