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Thread: Total War: Three Kingdoms - Gameplay reveal video

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    Default Total War: Three Kingdoms - Gameplay reveal video

    Following on from the Cao Cao trailer, here's the gameplay reveal video for Total War: Three Kingdoms.
    Cao Cao attempts to defeat Lü Bu before Lü Bu's power becomes too great.
    More information and images can be found on the Steam page.

    Share your thoughts here, or join in the discussions at the Total War: Three Kingdoms section!

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    Default Re: Total War: Three Kingdoms - Gameplay reveal video

    I do not want to diminish the great efforts of this new game but this scene had a horrible look when i watched it for the first time. The routing animation looks like the peasents are swimming or just imagine the crows of Hitchcock's "The birds" are hunting them down... please CA consider more variation and natural movement.

    battle animations are still 1v1 not like in Rome 1 or Medieval 2
    mounted units still ride without reigns...

    details please
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    Default Re: Total War: Three Kingdoms - Gameplay reveal video

    The art style is great and the duel mechanic is really cool. 1v1 battle animations work great here. This also looks like a full city and not a part of a city similar to warhammer sieges.

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    Default Re: Total War: Three Kingdoms - Gameplay reveal video

    CA seems to try and make as many of this games as they can.
    For a short-time prediction it is a good policy, but you can see in the long run that this will not work out for their franchise.

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    Default Re: Total War: Three Kingdoms - Gameplay reveal video

    Hmmm... I turned away from the TW franchise when Rome II came out and have been watching the stagnant quality ever since. Watching this video, I understand that they now intend to milk the Chinese market as well. May they go ahead. Next thing is probably going to be Medieval III, since Medieval II still stands out as the best and in its time most innovative title imo. They'll blow that as well in terms of quality. After that, I don't know what they will do. The audience must get tired of this stuff at some point. These forums sure do, at least that is the impression I get from looking at the dwindling number of threads/posts for each further instalment. I, personally, have moved on. I still have fond memories of Medieval II, the mods provided here, and fruitful discussions and competitions with wonderful people on these forums. But well... this franchise has changed for the worse, and life goes on.

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