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Thread: 3k Predictions for Historical Battles?

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    Default 3k Predictions for Historical Battles?

    All titles have a couple of historicalbattles in them. Anyone want to predict any battles they may have inthe game.

    What are the must have battles for thistime period?

    I am totally ignorant of Ancient Chinaso I am looking forward to being educated on the subject.
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    Default Re: 3k Predictions for Historical Battles?

    My guess:

    Siege of Xiapi 198AD - Cao Cao vs Lu Bu - This one is kind of a no-brainer since we've already seen it. Still, the final defeat of Lu Bu is quite the famous battle. It doesn't seem like there are flood mechanics in the game, so we probably won't be getting to see that part of the battle, but it probably wouldn't be as dynamic if you were fighting the basically already defeated army that was left after Cao Cao flooded them out.

    Battle of Jieqiao 191AD - Yuan Shao vs Gongsun Zan - Yuan Shao and Gongsun Zan warred over the northeast for almost a decade, but Jieqiao is probably their biggest and most well recorded battle. Unlike a lot of battles in the time period, the deployment of the armies and tactics involved are laid out in decent detail in the records, so recreating it in Total War would be easy.

    Battle of Huayin 211AD - Cao Cao vs Ma Chao and Han Sui - Of Cao Cao's three great victories in the field, I think this is the easiest to recreate. Guandu suffers from being all over the place and requiring some weird tactics, and Mount Bailang suffers from not having famous names on the other side and requiring a lot of Wuhuan troops (which may not be in at launch).

    Battle of Bowang 202AD - Liu Bei vs Xiahou Dun - One of the more famous ambushes that happened in the era, it'd be a good way for CA to put the new ambush mechanics to work as Xiahou Dun tries to escape the trap he's been caught in or holds out and waits for Li Dian to break him out.

    Battle of Fancheng 219AD - Xu Huang (and Lu Meng?) vs Guan Yu - Another of the most famous battles of the era with lots of famous names attached, this one could be turned into an alliance battle where the Wu troops come to help in phase 2 after a certain milestone is achieved, like taking a siege camp.
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