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Thread: [Ancient Empires Roman Republic AAR] One Man's War [ON HIATUS]

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    Default [Ancient Empires Roman Republic AAR] One Man's War [ON HIATUS]

    Okay, I'll admit that I'm a wee bit lazy, so I copied this entire format of a 'front page' from the formidable Kilo11 who, if you have not yet checked it out, is currently writing his TWC AAR on the Nabataens – which thus far is as good as you should expect and wish it to be! Meaning exceptionally good.

    Motivation and General Info about the AAR

    There have been very few modifications based in the 'Roman period' outside of Roma Surrectum, EB I & II, and Divide Et Impera that have really caused me to feel as much nostalgia (and inspiration) as Ancient Empires has in the short time I have been playing it.

    Perhaps it is because it reminds me so much of Roma Surrectum – the very first mod I used to write and finish an AAR – that I love it, or perhaps it is more linked to how AE seems more akin to what I wish Rome II had been like to begin with.

    This may well bring up the question as to why I did not simply use DEI instead, and the answer is pretty simple: mechanics (family tree, ability to raze settlements, sanitation, tech tree etc), time period and setting (end of the Second Punic War, the Diadochi are still strong but waning, and so forth), and the graphics.

    I have not felt this good about the potential for the story, and the mod is general, since I wrote Serving Your Oppressor way back in 2011, so let's hope I don't disappoint my literature-based peers or the mod team themselves.

    Due to having a lot of time on my hands, at least for the next few weeks, you can expect regular updates – I'd say twice weekly at least.

    Please do critique if you have any, just make it constructive at least.

    That's all really, if you do have any questions then please don't hesitate to ask them!


    • Faction: The Roman Republic/SPQR
    • Campaign Difficulty: Normal
    • Battle Difficulty: Normal
    • Modification: Ancient Empires
    • Battle time limit: On (60 Minutes)

    Notes for the Reader

    • Much Like Kilo himself, and much like my oldest style of writing, screenshots may pop up from time-to-time but should not be expected. The detail in this mod is excellent, so I guarantee there will be a few, just don't hold out hope for them. I began my life as narrative-style AARtist, and I'm damn well going to carry that on.

    • Cities, people and the languages of the period shall be as authentic as I can make them – but hopefully not overly so, this isn't a history doctorate after all. To this end, I will be putting a glossary of words and terms on this page for ease of access and understanding. If you'd rather I stopped the practice completely then please do tell me.

    • The AAR will switch between first and third person at various points, I'll try to make this as obvious as possible so as not to confuse anyone. Once more, if you wish me to just stick to one view over another, give me a shout and make it known.

    AAR Glossary

    Caupo (Lat.) – A shopkeeper, salesman, huckster or innkeeper, keeper of a tavern.

    Ruma (Etru.) - The Etruscan name for Rome.

    Res Publica (Lat.) – A general name from Roman historians for the Roman Republic.

    Tusci (Lat.) - Another name for Etrusci, the inhabitants of Etruria, the Tuscans, Etruscans, Etrurians in Latin.

    Amiculus (Lat.) – A (familiar or depreciatory) word meaning little friend, dear friend, humble friend.

    Ramnenses (Etru.) – Plural of 'Roman'.

    Table of Contents


    Prologue - So Begins a Tale

    So Begins a Tale - Prologue

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    The small village of Aucinia was quite picturesque actually, if one squinted somewhat and maybe tilted their head a little. In the world of the Roman Republic though it was somewhat of a non-entity, a backwater place with a rather insignificant population – the only notable things about it were its nucleus of military veterans, and its location near a crossroads that connected two viae going from Latium and winding its way through the fertile and rolling terrain of venerable Etruria.

    To the locals though it was home, and nowhere was more home than the single family-owned hospitium in which we begin our tale...


    “Caupo! A room for my companion and I, and some watered down vinum to our table.”

    It was a not altogether unpleasant voice, refined and easy on the ear (if one enjoyed that wheezy patrician Latin) a voice that could only have come hot-footed from the former village-by-the-Tiber itself – known locally as 'Ruma', but more internationally as Roma.

    Indeed, when the owner of the half-tavern half-hostel raised his head from his work studiously wiping dust from an earthenware cup, he took in the sight of two young cocks who could only be from the chosen capital of the so called Res Publica that now lorded it over the entire Italian peninsula...excluding the northern lands of the Po valley Gauls that was, the same savages that had troubled him and his for decades.

    “What is there to do here?” Queried the shorter of the pair to his slightly taller, and clearly more athletic, associate, both removing their travelling cloaks to reveal tunics of fine material and vibrant colour beneath, “it seems such a dour place, so rustic.”

    “You do say some of the most insulting things, dear Publius!” Rebuked the leader of the pair, dropping himself onto a wooden bench, rolling his eyes at the feigned offence taken, “in any case, the Tusci hold on to their pride as much as any laid low by our legions.”

    There was a short snort of air from Publius, his snub nose letting the air out quite uneasily, “at least tell me that their women are alright?” Pleaded the prematurely balding member of the Roman aristocracy.

    “Why do you not simply ask one yourself?” Suggested the other, a slender finger picking out the silhouette of a comely Etruscan maiden who – having been told by her rather sour looking father to present them their wine – was quickly approaching.

    “Why yes Nerva...yes...this may be an interesting stop after all.”


    It was nearing midnight when the rain began to fall, a mere smattering at first, then turning into something far heavier. About half-an-hour later and the first streaks of lightning and peels of thunder clapped across the sky, a sure sign that something wasn't right in the realm of the gods. From out of this weather came a relatively unnoticed figure, one of more than a dozen who now dotted themselves about the establishment- from merchants to soldiers to local denizens of the village – and took a seat opposite the pair of Romans, both now well into their drinks and in the process of displaying before the wide-eyed maiden (that Publius had been thus far unsuccessfully attempting to woo) a dagger of some apparent pedigree.

    “Take a look look at it, my darling girl,” drawled the broad-shouldered urbanite to the smiling girl, holding before her the dagger half-sheathed, “for this has been in my family for centuries, it is the very dagger that ended the life of the monster Hannibal at Zama.”

    There was a slight shuffling of feet and shaking of heads then, at least in the case of those patrons that had been paying attention to Publius and his boasts, a few eyes clearly watching to see what would happen next, and more than a few denizens of Aucinia leaning back into shadows or retreating into their clothes.

    “What?!” Grunted Publius, clearly seeing the discomfort that his claim had bought, “what is the matter?”

    Appius Cocceius Nerva, 'the tall one', was the first to notice the movement of the latest stranger to arrive and swiftly made to intervene in what he realised was happening...but he was not fast enough. Before he could stop it, the stranger had already plucked the dagger from Publius' hand and was studying it carefully.

    “Hmph,” grunted the stranger, “you say that this killed Hannibal at Zama?”

    “S-so I heard, yes.”

    No-one saw the dagger leave the sheath, not until it was buried half-an-inch into the surface of the wooden table a mere hands breadth away from Publius.

    “Listen here you little shite...” came the rumbling growl “...I fought at Zama...I cut my way through long-haired Ligurians, dirt-eating Carthaginians, sun-browned Numidians, through the whistling hail of Balearic lead that cracked the skulls of men and shattered the bones of animals, and repelled the charge of elephants.”

    One calloused fist moved forward to grip Publius by the chest of his tunic now, the young girl moving without protest and withdrawing to her father, all the while this erstwhile observer lifted the shorter and squatter man up with only one hand connected to a well-used and scar-laced arm.

    “That dagger is too new forged to have killed Hannibal, let alone to have been at Zama.”

    It was a statement, and was also at this point that Nerva decided to intervene.

    “Please, amiculus, he meant no offense! Publius is addled with drink. Please, allow me to offer you one as recompense for his foolishness.”

    While obviously not impressed with being addressed in such a familiar manner, the aggravated man – his weathered features and martial bearing enough to identify an old soldier – nevertheless allowed Publius to slip back down into his seat unharmed. Far from leaving, he instead took a place on the bench beside him with another grunt, calling for undiluted wine which, being an old friend and comrade, the proprietor was only too happy to fetch.

    “So, you fought at Zama?”

    “Yes, and a hundred places besides.”

    “Truly? Well, I have never met someone who was must be of ancient age.”

    “I have lived past my allotted years, of that I have no doubt.”

    The strangers voice was earthy in its dialect, the Latin as far from pure as it could be, and still tinged by the Etruscan accent of its speaker, yet Appius found that he could not not listen to what was being spoken.

    “Please, tell me of it.”

    For the first time since arriving the stranger looked taken aback, rubbing one fist across his stubble-dusted jaw even as a snow-white eyebrows rose above one brown eye.

    “It is a long tale, are you sure you wish to know?”

    “Believe me, my friend and I have no great urgency to return home. I would be honoured to hear you.”

    Publius, far from being worse off after being compared to excrement, was already asleep and snoring vigorously when the older man began.

    “It was five-hundred-and-fifty-two years since the founding of the city, as you Ramnenses see it, and Hannibal Barca had just suffered his largest defeat at the hands of Publius Scipio...”

    Outside the weather raged and the gods strode across the sky, a mythical journey of epic proportions, but inside the confines of the tavern a wholly different and more human story was unfolding; the story of a young boy entering a new world, of battles and blood, and of uncertain futures.
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    Default Re: [Ancient Empires Roman Republic AAR] One Man's War [Updated: 11/06/2018]]

    Interesting and engaging! Your AAR reminds me of another novel series I once read. I got the same feeling back then. It was the 'Emperor' series by Conn Iggulden. I could feel that I was in that tavern while reading! Good job keep it up! If I may ask- How often will you post? I cannot wait for the new chapter (I just cannot)!!! +rep
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    Default Re: [Ancient Empires Roman Republic AAR] One Man's War [Updated: 11/06/2018]

    Ave Caesar!

    My thanks for the kind words, and I'm very glad you enjoyed it, I do try to give a sense of 'being thereness' to my posts if I can; can't say I've ever read the 'Emperor' series, but I've heard nothing but good things about it from others. May be time to remedy my unfamiliarity with it, maybe?

    As to how often it'll be updated...assuming I can keep the campaign going (and that is a big ask with my lack of economic prowess, and therefore lack of coin most of the time!) It should be twice a week at the minimum, plus anything I decide to slap on top of that.

    I hope to see another update to your own work soon, it is fantastic.

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    Default Re: [Ancient Empires Roman Republic AAR] One Man's War [Updated: 11/06/2018]

    That's a nice start, McScottish. It makes me want to know more.

    I'll look forward to learning more in due course...

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    Default Re: [Ancient Empires Roman Republic AAR] One Man's War [Updated: 11/06/2018]

    Excellent beginning! I most enjoyed these little phrases and details slipped casually in which flesh out the way certain characters see the world they inhabit. For me the following took the cake:
    “I have lived past my allotted years, of that I have no doubt.”
    Just a perfect way to let us into the mind of your soldier!

    One small point: You have been capitalizing the first word immediately following a quotation, even when the sentence is still continuing. I believe it should still be lowercase, unless the end of the quotation is also the end of the sentence. But that is a very small thing indeed.

    I also like the idea of having a glossary. I will mull over whether I should add one to my AAR as well...
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    Default Re: [Ancient Empires Roman Republic AAR] One Man's War [Updated: 11/06/2018]

    I agree, this is an engaging beginning! The moment when the veteran of Zama tells of his experiences and his observation about the dagger are particularly good. More news of the Ramnenses (and other folk included in this tale), please!

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    Default Re: [Ancient Empires Roman Republic AAR] One Man's War [Updated: 11/06/2018]

    Swear I'll get an update here soon, I've not forgotten.

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    Default Re: [Ancient Empires Roman Republic AAR] One Man's War [Updated: 11/06/2018]

    Excellent start. Will be following!

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    Default Re: [Ancient Empires Roman Republic AAR] One Man's War [ON HIATUS]

    I thank everyone for their kind words, and will get on with this at some point - the reason it is currently on hiatus is that, as per usual, I was slightly overzealous in wishing to play it. It is currently still in the beta phase and not all the kinks have been sorted out yet. It's highly likely that I will continue when Ancient Empires progresses but, until then, I'm just going to copy Kilo11 completely and see about starting one using EB II instead.

    If you'd like to follow this next project, I shall post a link when I edit this.

    Until then, thank you all again.

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