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    I somehow went from Rome: Total War to M2TW and never played the first Medieval: Total War. I am interested in doing so, but I am curious about the cheat codes. I long ago decided to just cheat my ass off and manipulate many things going on in the game, so much so that I'd feel quite limited and bored if I couldn't do so. That said, my google search for MTW cheats turns up a VERY small list. So, is it not possible to do things such as process_cq, give_trait, character_reset, etc? I'm just trying to find out before purchasing this. If anyone can answer, I'd appreciate it

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    Nah... MTW1 is a different game, upon a different engine... And, with a different designs... The usual cheat-codes are as follows...

    Quote Originally Posted by frogbeastegg
    These are included for reference; sometimes cheating is the best way to test out ideas if you are short of time. It can also
    be fun, not all cheats make your game easier.

    Cheat codes must be entered exactly as they appear here - including the full stop before and after the code. You must
    enter them on the campaign map screen.

    .worksundays. = fast build mode. Must have all your build queues empty for this to work.
    .badgerbunny. = all buildings and units are available. You can still only build the units relevant to your faction, even
    though you appear to have all types available.
    .deadringer. = gives 1 million florins
    .conan. = take control of the rebels
    .matteosartori. = reveal the whole map
    .viagra. = puts iron in all your provinces
    .mefoundsomeau. = puts gold in all your provinces
    .mefoundsomeag. = puts silver in all your provinces
    .mefoundsomecu. = puts copper in all your provinces
    .kidsmode. = makes the AI very easy
    .nuttermode. = makes the AI aggressive
    .unfreeze. = produces an heir for your faction. The heir will be born as you hit ‘end turn’.
    This is essentially it, aside from debug-mode which is kind of a cheat(ish)... That is, depending on who you ask, and their personal straight-game-Nazi-levels...

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