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Thread: Performance issues on Empire Total War. Optimization.

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    Default Performance issues on Empire Total War. Optimization.


    I am the author of this Isandlwana battle video I made a year ago with Orient mod for Napoleon Total War: 1800 british vs 19200 zulu.

    Video made with Alienware 17 R3, i7-6700HQ, 16 GB RAM DDR4, Nvidia GTX 970M 3 GB DDR5. It's true I had lag because of the amount of units but I could play the battle with graphics settings at max. In Empire Total War I am having trouble with 5000 men per side, I have almost the same lag, sometimes even the game stops and depending on the mod even crash to desktop. I find Empire Total War far more unstable than Napoleon Total War and Shogun 2 Total War, have you experienced the same? What is your opinion?

    PS. Yes, I am obsessed with this topic.

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    Default Re: Performance issues on Empire Total War. Optimization.

    The only reason I know of that could cause lag in ETW in comparison to NTW is that ETW does not use file compression while NTW does use file compression.

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    Default Re: Performance issues on Empire Total War. Optimization.

    So the only solution is to just play Napoleon instead? Is the software structure of ETW insufficient to overcome the 2gig bottleneck? I keep getting freezes that I have to end task to get out of in very large/multi-polar battles.

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    Default Re: Performance issues on Empire Total War. Optimization.

    I think I discovered something relevant with performance issues in Empire Total War and perhaps may help somebody trying to figure out a solution or an answer. In complex maps / scenarios is where the game is more unstable, I think this is due to path finding. In general, whenever there is an obstacle for the units (mainly caused by AI units), both if the obstacle is due to the terrain map or is a siege, fps suffer a massive drop to even 20 fps. I noticed this fact after making some experiments with flat maps, maps with few obstacles and maps with a hard terrain (for example mountains), as well as sieges. The game is by far smoother with flat maps, even considering more units in a flat map, is still smoother compared to maps with obstacles and sieges. The only solution I thought about is to have a really powerful computer to compensate this fps massive drops, but still, I wonder if stuttering will be still present, since there will be a massive fps drop anyway, but if a computer can play Empire Total War with let's say 70 fps, in maps with lots of obstacles or sieges, the massive fps drop will end in 40-50 fps, but what I would like to know is if in the process of instant massive fps drop, the game will stutter, I mean, in the process of going down from 70 fps to 40 fps. Probably would be noticeable enough to have a fair impact in gameplay experience.

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